New Zealand Labour Party

We can – and must – do better for Kiwi jobs

Labour has the plan to get more young New Zealanders into jobs and tackle concerns raised in the latest statistics which show an extra 3000 young Kiwis are neither earning or learning compared to the same time last year, says Labour’s Employment spokesperson Grant Robertson.

“New Zealanders agree that we must provide better employment and training opportunities for young Kiwis, and the latest Household Labour Force Survey shows we have a challenge ahead of us.

“We cannot be happy with 128,000 unemployed and the growing rate of young Kiwis not in employment, education or training (NEETs), of which there are 3,000 more NEETs than this time last year.

“The survey also shows 65 per cent of workers got a pay rise of less than 2 per cent, and 43 per cent of workers got no pay rise at all. This means a sizable cohort of the working public actually went backwards in pay after inflation over the past year.

“New Zealand can – and must – do better, especially for our young people. Labour’s Ready for Work scheme will do better for young Kiwis, providing youth with six months on-the- job training and the skills they need to be work-ready.

“Our Dole for Apprenticeship scheme offers employers who are willing to train an apprentice the equivalent of the unemployment benefit.

“Labour has set a goal to reduce unemployment to four per cent in our first term. Our Three-Years Free policy will provide up to three years of free post-school training or education to all New Zealanders to ensure they’re equipped to tackle the ever-changing job market.

“A Labour Government will be an active partner in the economy to ensure we share prosperity with all New Zealanders. Our Regional Development plan will invest in regional strengths, and Government procurement will favour Kiwi-made products and services.

“Labour’s got the policies to ensure all New Zealanders can enjoy meaningful work, be ready for the challenges of a rapidly-evolving economy, and share in the prosperity that we all deserve,” says Grant Robertson.