New Zealand Labour Party

We're Standing in Every Electorate


Here is an interesting fact!

We noticed earlier this week something that most people probably don’t realise.

In 2005, Labour was the only party to have candidates in every electorate (this was when National stopped caring to have candidates in the Maori seats.)

We have done this for every election since.

We have had a candidate in every General and Maori electorate in the 2008 and 2011 General Elections.

We have also had a candidate in every by-election since 1994 (and probably even longer back if we looked a little longer).
No other party has been able to achieve this.

This year we are making an effort to win the party vote. So while we might not win every electorate seat, we are going to work hard to win the support of New Zealanders from every part of the country.

We think that democracy isn’t about just about making a choice, but having a choice.