New Zealand Labour Party

We’ve reached Peak Key with ‘artificial target’

John Key’s attempt to redefine his cornerstone promise of two election campaigns as an artificial target suggests his other promises are works of fiction, says Labour’s Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson.

“For seven years and two election campaigns, John Key has promised a surplus this year. Never was it mentioned that it was an ‘artificial target’. In fact several times in the last election campaign he said the books were already in surplus.

“We’ve reached Peak Key. He’s always been good at telling porkies, now he's just telling fairytales. This Budget is set to be called Bill English and the Seven Deficits.

“This is not going to wash with New Zealanders. They know they weren’t promised a synthetic surplus or an artificial target.

“Kiwis have knuckled down and worked hard to help get the country back on track after the financial crisis. They’ve fulfilled their end of the bargain. It’s John Key who isn’t holding up his end.

“New Zealanders should be able to trust the word of their Prime Minister. John Key’s attempt to redefine a seven-years’ long promise to four million Kiwis says everything we need to know about him,” says Grant Robertson.