New Zealand Labour Party

Weak targets dirty NZ’s clean green brand

New Zealand’s climate change targets have been greeted with derision by an international group of scientists, proving the government has tarnished our clean green image, says Labour’s Climate Spokesperson Megan Woods.

“Climate Action Tracker, a group of international climate scientists, has slammed New Zealand for ‘not doing its fair share’ on climate change, after the Government announced weak climate targets.

“New Zealand’s efforts on climate change were rated as worse than major emitters like America and China.

“New Zealanders are proud of our role as leaders on the world stage, but under National, we are seen as a problem nation on climate change.

“To hear New Zealand's targets described as ‘anything but ambitious’ and our efforts as being far from doing our ‘fair share’ will be difficult for many of us to hear.

“New Zealand’s clean green image is more than just a source of pride, it’s our international brand and worth billions of dollars to our economy.

“We’ve been warning that National’s refusal to take real action on climate change is doing real damage to our brand, and now we see the proof,” says Megan Woods.

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