New Zealand Labour Party

Website adds to long list of big spends at MBIE

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s $560,000 outlay on its new website is further evidence of excessive spending by Steven Joyce on his pet project super ministry, Labour’s Economic Development spokesperson David Clark says. 

“Hot on the heels of revelations about MBIE spending $260,000 on a sun deck, $140,000 on a television screen and hair straighteners, there is another project which has come at a considerable cost to the taxpayer.

“The Economic Development Minister will no doubt claim the new website came in under budget but his gold plated spending on his ministry shows how out of touch the National Government has become. 

“Steven Joyce signs off the budgets for all the Ministry’s projects and is responsible for this spending which seems large at every step of the website’s development. 

“MBIE’s big spend projects flies in the face of what is happening at other ministries who have been told to sell-off any unused assets and clamp down on staff salaries. 

“Steven Joyce’s arrogant approach is costing taxpayers and this wasteful government spending has to stop,” David Clark says.