Week That Was: Lowest unemployment in 11 years

It's been a week of delivery, from delivering low unemployment, to delivering better cancer care - with the the biggest investment in radiation therapy ever - and so much more.


We're delivering more jobs and higher wages

The big news this week is that unemployment has hit an 11-year-low. The latest data, released this week, shows unemployment is at its lowest level in 11 years and annual wage growth has hit a 10-year high. They're both clear signs that our Government's economic plan is delivering for Kiwis.


We're delivering better cancer care

No matter where you live, you should be able to access quality cancer care. 

Earlier this week our Government announced funding for the replacement of half of all of New Zealand's radiation machines. It's the biggest investment in radiation therapy, ever. 

After nine years of neglect, communities were left with aging radiation machines that just don’t do as good a job as new ones. They also only existed in the main cities - meaning Kiwis who lived in the regions had to travel large distances to get the treatment they needed.

This investment will save hundreds of Kiwis the hassle of travelling at the very time they want to be close to home. It means easier access to state of the art treatment for hundreds of Kiwis.


We're delivering modern reform of abortion law

Abortion is the only medical procedure that is still a crime in New Zealand. It’s time for this to change. 

The Government has proposed changes to New Zealand’s law to bring the regulation of abortion in line with other health services.

This week, the reform passed it's First Reading. 

Here’s what the Government is proposing, and what these changes will mean for New Zealanders.


We're delivering more support for our future builders, electricians and all tradespeople

Going into a trade after school is a great career pathway full of exciting opportunities. And now – if you’re your school’s top vocational student – you could win a Prime Minister’s Vocational Excellence Award.

The $2,000 prize, launched this week at Hutt Valley High School, is all about celebrating vocational achievement. We recognise that New Zealand is calling out for more apprentices and tradespeople - and this is one way we're answering that call.


We're delivering on reducing waste

We’re reducing waste well before it gets to the tip.

Working alongside industry, retailers and consumers, we're making sure things we rely on - like tyres, batteries, and plastic packaging - get reused again and again.

Our Government is proposing product stewardship schemes for our most challenging products - to avoid and reduce waste, and to make sure we continue to live in a clean, green New Zealand.


We're delivering opportunities for people to get into training and work

This week the Prime Minister visited The Cookie Project in Auckland - a company that employs people living with disabilities. 

In New Zealand about 20 percent of working age disabled people are in work compared with over 70 percent of non-disabled people. And, more importantly, we know that most disabled people want to work.

That's why we're so keen to acknowledge The Cookie Project and other workplaces that are breaking down the barriers to work, and providing both a sense of community and dignity in the process. 

We've been working with young people through the Mana in Mahi programme, to get young people into training and apprenticeships. Keep an eye out for more exciting announcements in this space to come!