New Zealand Labour Party

Welfare system out of date and out of touch

A new Child Poverty Action Group report released today highlights another example of how our outmoded social welfare system is harming kids, says Labour’s Social Development Spokesperson Carmel Sepuloni. 

“The complexities of how a ‘relationship’ is defined in the welfare system and the consequences for children shows how inequities are being created between kids depending on the definition of the relationship their parents are in.


“Right now a quarter of New Zealand kids living in poverty are from sole parent families. It’s critical that they are treated fairly. 

“Part of that involves taking a fresh look at our welfare system and talking with New Zealanders to develop strategic, evidence-based and future-focused solutions. 

“There’s no doubt that the current approach to ‘relationship status’ sets up inequalities within the welfare system and that it is something that should be addressed. 

“Kiwi kids should not be punished because the system is out-of-date and out-of-touch, and Labour will be looking at solutions this term as part of our broader community engagement,” says Carmel Sepuloni.