New Zealand Labour Party

What we're doing for housing

We're taking action to help more New Zealanders into homes building more homes than any Government since the 1970s! New Zealand’s housing crisis has been decades in the making, and is one of the biggest long term challenges our country faces. Since taking office we've made a good start because everyone deserves a warm, dry, safe home.

We’re taking action to help more New Zealanders into homes

We've announced plans for a new progressive home ownership scheme that will help hopeful home owners buy a house over time. Our plan will help struggling families buy a share of a house, reducing both the deposit needed to get a mortgage, and their repayments. It will mean over time a family can buy further chunks of their mortgage until they own the home outright.

We made saving for a house deposit easier

We know saving for a house deposit is a massive hurdle for first home-buyers, that's why we've lowered the deposit required for a government-backed mortgage or first home grant from 10% to 5%. 

We put a stop to overseas speculators

In our first 100 days, we initiated the Overseas Investment Amendment Bill to stop overseas speculators from buying up Kiwi homes and driving up property prices. 

Passed legislation to prevent future governments selling off state houses

Thanks to our effort and advocacy, future governments will no longer be able to sell-off state homes!

Built thousands of state houses

Under Labour, state house building increased nine fold! We've already surpassed our state house building goal and are on track to deliver another 2500 this financial year.

We expanded Housing First to end homelessness

We funded 1,044 extra places for homeless people through Housing First in our Wellbeing Budget.

Set up a new agency Kāinga Ora to build homes and create thriving communities

Kāinga Ora will be a one stop shop that will build thriving communities with a diverse mix of public, affordable and market housing.

We reset KiwiBuild

Instead of targets, we will focus on building as many homes as we can, as fast as we can in the right places. We’re releasing a monthly dashboard of housing statistics so New Zealanders can easily measure our progress and judge us on the results.

We banned letting fees

When moving into a new rental property, tenants can face up to four weeks’ bond, two weeks’ rent in advance – and one weeks’ rent as a letting fee – in addition to moving costs. Banning the charging of letting fees to tenants is a good first step in improving the life of renters, taking action now to make rent more affordable so people can save to buy their own home if they choose to do so.

We made sure rentals are up to scratch

One of the first things we did upon entering Government was to introduce the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill, setting minimum standards landlords must meet to ensure their homes are warm, dry, and healthy for tenants to live in.