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When are 34,000 houses not 34,000 houses?

A little bit of background...

Last year, we announced our fresh approach to the housing crisis. (You can read our full and comprehensive plan here.)

Part of the plan is our KiwiBuild house-building programme. We’ll build 100,000 affordable homes around the country – with 50,000 of those in Auckland – over ten years.

These homes will be for first home buyers, and we’ll crack down on speculators, too, making it easier for families to get into homes.

In places like Hamilton and the Hutt, one-bedroom homes will cost around $200,000, while three-bedroom homes will cost around $350,000. In Auckland, terraced housing and apartments will cost under $500,000, and stand-alone homes will be less than $600,000.

That sounds like a great policy. Has the Government come up with anything similar to help first home buyers get on the ladder?

Well, the Government has consistently denied that there even is a housing crisis. Until yesterday, that is.

Suddenly, four months before the election, National decided it was time to acknowledge there are 'housing challenges', and look like they’re doing something about them.

Yesterday Minister for Housing Amy Adams announced that over the next ten years, they’ll build 34,000 houses in Auckland.

Well, it’s not 50,000 affordable houses, but it’s a good start, isn’t it?

Don’t get too excited – 8,000 of those will be replacing demolished houses.

That’s still 26,000 houses!

Hold up – 6,000 of those will be social housing. (By the way, as part of our plan, we’ll build 1,000 state houses a year, which is 4,000 more than that.)

Hmm...well...that’s still 20,000 houses!

But wait – 80% of those houses are ‘unaffordable’ according to the government, and speculators can still buy them, too.

Ahh, okay...that’s still...4,000 affordable houses?

Hang on – half of those houses had already been announced. that’s actually just...2,000 new affordable houses.

Doesn’t sound as impressive now, does it?

National’s had nine years to do something about housing. It’s time for a fresh approach.

Labour is ready to tackle the housing crisis, and our comprehensive plan will actually make a difference, unlike National’s, which is helping speculators.

We’ll build 50,000 (actually) affordable homes in Auckland, and 50,000 more across the rest of New Zealand. And that’s just one part of our plan.

Read our full plan here.