New Zealand Labour Party

Why New Zealand can't afford National's Budget bribe

Health, housing, and education. Those are New Zealanders’ priorities, and today New Zealanders needed a Budget that would get those basics right.

But National has different priorities. Instead of dealing with the big issues, they’ve prioritised tax cuts – a cynical election year bribe.

We can’t afford that bribe when young couples can’t buy their first home, and when we have 40,000 homeless New Zealanders.

We can’t afford that bribe when, last year, 60,000 of our fellow citizens couldn’t get hospital treatment because their local hospital couldn’t afford to treat them, and when our mental health system is in crisis.

We can’t afford that bribe when our schools are overcrowded, our students and teachers are struggling, and our education standards are slipping.

And we definitely can’t afford that bribe when it rewards the few at the top, while a single cleaner on the minimum wage would get just $1 extra a week.

National's had nine years to tackle the big issues facing New Zealand, but again and again, they've decided to ignore them instead.

We can’t afford another three years.

We need fresh ideas and a fresh approach, and that’s what a Labour Government will deliver.

We’re ready to get started on fixing the housing crisis. We’re going to restore National’s $1.7 billion of health cuts so that everyone can get the healthcare they need, when they need it. We’re going to fund our schools properly so that our kids get a world-class education.

We’re ready. If you’re ready too, let us know you’re with us here: