New Zealand Labour Party

Will poor TPP dairy outcome stop National selling out our homes?

After failing to protect the right to stop foreign speculators buying our houses it’s clear the Government is not going to get wins on dairy in their TPP negotiations either, Labour’s Trade and Export spokesperson David Parker says.

“Labour has set out our bottom lines on the TPP, but it appears National’s keep sliding

“First, they gave away the right to ban house sales to foreigners. Now it looks like bad news for dairy.

“Reports from media in New Zealand that John Key and National will sign up to any deal will have been read by embassies from other TPP countries and fed back.

“Far from being clever trading, National’s obvious willingness to settle for a bad deal has weakened New Zealand’s negotiating position.

“No wonder many New Zealanders are worried about the TPP.

“Let’s hope that the poor dairy deal causes National to rethink their capitulation on foreigners buying NZ houses,” David Parker says.