Winter Energy Payment

Last year, hundreds of thousands people were better off with our Winter Energy Payment. 

This year, Winter Energy Payment is starting from 1 May.

We're committed to helping older New Zealanders.

Every superannuitant will receive the payment to help with heating costs over the winter months.

A single person will get an extra $20.46 a week tax-free, while a couple, or a single person looking after children, will get an extra $31.82 a week tax-free.

It's a little bit extra, but it'll make a difference. 

The Winter Energy Payment is paid automatically if you are are superannuitant - so no need to sign up. 

Read some stories from people who benefited from the Winter Energy Payment last year:

In 2017, Julie wore two woollen jerseys and hand-knitted gloves to stay warm in her Manurewa home. Thanks to the Winter Energy Payment, she was able to afford turning on her heater in 2018.

The Winter Energy Payment has helped older Kiwis like John and Anne heat their homes – and look after their health.

Worried about unaffordable power bills, Auckland grandmother Gail used to put on an extra jacket instead of turning on her heater. Thanks to the Winter Energy Payment, she hasn't had to worry so much.