New Zealand Labour Party

Working the Markets


On the rare Saturday that I am at home in Wellington, one treat is to take the bus out to Newtown and go to the weekly fruit and veg market. It’s a very Labour affair, set up in the heart of a deeply Labour neighbourhood by a Party member from the Kapiti Chinese market garden community. 

It serves up excellent quality produce, and attracts the full diversity of the community in their many hundreds. Election Year adds to its charm, because that’s when the red and green of Labour and Green political stalls burst forth. This weekend I was there, impressed by the intense redness of the entrance area of the market, and the numerous billboards featuring the three pivotal local Labour figures – MPs Annette King and Rino Tirikatene, and local city councillor Paul Eagle. Both Paul and Greens Co Leader Russel Norman were there, and the mood seemed cooperative.

It’s a great example of how politics at the grassroots level can come to life!