New Zealand Labour Party

Working together for change

When I became Labour leader, I made it clear that we couldn’t head into the next election leaving voters in doubt about what we stood for and who we’d work with.

Since then we’ve rebuilt Labour from our worst election defeat – uniting our caucus, reforming our Party and building a strong, progressive policy platform.

But we all know with an MMP electoral system, parties have to work together.

That’s why I was pleased to announce this afternoon that Labour has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Green Party to change the government and provide a stable, credible and progressive alternative.

Labour and the Greens are different parties and we won’t always agree, but we share a common goal of a better, fairer New Zealand. When we have kids sleeping in cars, thousands of New Zealanders missing out on basic healthcare and an economy increasingly weighted towards those at the top, we have a responsibility to step up.

We have to change the Government next year — we owe it to New Zealanders. And we will.

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To read the Q+A on the Memorandum click here, and to read the document itself, click here.