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It's World Oceans Day! Here's what we're doing for the environment.

Today is World Oceans Day. It's a day to raise awareness about the effect pollution is having on our oceans, and encourage proactive, forward-thinking solutions.

It's also an opportunity to think about our environment as a whole, and to promote action on the environmental issues that affect us all.

New Zealand is proud of its clean, green image, but after a lack of action over the past few years, our reality often falls short.

We are determined to change this.

Unlike the previous Government, we are taking decisive action against climate change and creating sustainable solutions for the future.

We owe it to future generations, to our kids and our grandkids, to look after our native environment. This means investing in the protection of our oceans, our native wildlife, our plants, and our landscapes.

Here are some of the steps this Government has already taken for our future:

  • We’ve joined the United Nations-led CleanSeas campaign to rid our oceans of plastic waste and reduce the use of non-recoverable and single-use plastics. 
  • We’ve started planting one billion trees to tackle environmental issues like erosion, improve water quality and reduce the effects of climate change. Click here to track our progress.
  • We are tackling climate change by establishing the Green Investment Fund, which will stimulate investment in low-carbon industries and clean technology.

  • We've launched a six-week public consultation on the Zero Carbon Bill.

Together, these actions will make a big difference. However, we know this is just the start. There’s plenty more work to do, and we’re setting ambitious goals to ensure we do everything we can for our environment, for future generations of Kiwis, and for a more sustainable Aotearoa.

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Investing in a sustainable future