New Zealand Labour Party

Yes to Sallies – Labour will build more state houses

The Salvation Army’s latest report ‘Taking Stock’ shows why New Zealand needs a Labour-led Government committed to a massive house building programme, says Labour’s Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford.

“When the Sallies say the country needs 2000 extra state houses a year just to stand still, it is time to sit up and listen.

“They rightly point out that growing numbers of baby boomers are entering retirement as renters and face poverty and insecurity in a tough rental market.

“Labour will pull the plug on National’s sell off of state housing, and we will build enough new state houses to increase the stock by a minimum of 1000 per year until demand is met. That is a minimum. We expect to achieve significantly more than that.

“National have had nine years, and during that time they have sold off state houses faster than they have been building them. They have presided over a reduction of 5000 state houses, and when you factor in the increase in community-provided homes, you are left with a reduction of 3000.

“The record homelessness we are seeing now is a direct result of the reduction in state housing.

“Labour will run Housing NZ as a public service with one job, to put a roof over the heads of Kiwis who need it. We won’t run it as a corporation to be milked for profits as National has done.

“Building more state and community housing is one way Labour will make New Zealand a better and fairer place,” says Phil Twyford.