New Zealand Labour Party

Zahra Hussaini

Candidate for Labour

“Success to me is about making certain that all people, no matter their background, thrive.”

Zahra Hussaini
Zahra Hussaini

Meet Zahra

Zahra Hussaini is a first-generation Afghan, Muslim, Kiwi and former refugee who lives with her family in Otautahi/Christchurch.

One of the reasons Zahra is part of Labour is that she shares its commitment to Aotearoa’s diverse communities. She believes New Zealand needs to re-elect a strong Labour government to ensure that
these diverse communities can thrive.

Zahra is a millennial with a particular interest in empowering youth and communities to reach their potential. She is active in multicultural organisations that seek to bring people together and promote unity.

The environment is another of Zahra’s interests. She is currently studying applied science so she can be an informed voice making a positive difference to our environmental sustainability and wellbeing. Zahra will proudly take her place in the skilled and diverse Labour team led by Jacinda Ardern. She’s ready to deliver on Labour's plan to tackle economic inequality and the climate crisis as we recover

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