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    National's Stairway to Heaven

    All that glitters…

    Official documents showing the Government has spent $19.5 million on a revamp of the Ministry of Education building serve as a reminder that National’s profligacy continues unabated.

    The refit, the latest in a series of Ministry mega-spends, includes a $2.6 million grand staircase, a “Koru”-style transit lounge and a “concierge” style arrangement in the reception area. It comes as schools around the country are being told there’s no cash for desperately needed upgrades to past-their-use-by date buildings.

    6 Top Tweets about Andrew Little's #sotn16

    We're a little biased, but we reckon 3 years free post-school study across a person’s lifetime is pretty great. And lots of people seem to agree with us too. Check out six top tweets about Andrew Little's State of the Nation.

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Police Commissioner doesn’t get force needs

· February 10, 2016

The Police Commissioner has let down the public and his own force by insisting the police have what they need despite it taking a year to solve a burglary and overwhelming number of officers saying they are under-resourced, says Labour’s Police spokesman Stuart Nash.


“At select committee today the Police Commissioner said he believed the police are sufficiently resourced. He clearly isn’t listening to the public or his force.

Ministers with free degrees hypocritical

· February 10, 2016

Senior National Party ministers who mock the idea of free post-school education for New Zealanders are hypocrites, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“In Parliament today several ministers - including the Prime Minister - openly scoffed at the idea that young Kiwis and those who need to retrain for future work should receive funding for that education.

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