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All Kiwis to have same standard of cancer care

· July 23, 2017

Labour is promising that all New Zealanders will have access to the same level of cancer care no matter where they live in the country, says Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little.


“As someone who has survived cancer I know how this disease can devastate sufferers and their families. What really worries me is that cancer care can be a ‘post code’ lottery. People in Auckland for example have a lower rate of radiation treatment than people in Wellington.  People in Northland have a lower rate of radiation treatment than those in Canterbury. That’s not right. It’s not fair.

Infrastructure announcement too long coming

· July 23, 2017

“What took you so long?” is Labour’s response to the Government’s announcement of a new infrastructure investment vehicle.

Labour’s Auckland Issues spokesperson Phil Twyford says Labour announced its policy in 2015 to debt-finance infrastructure and service that debt with targeted rates back.

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