Andrew Little

Leader of the Labour Party

Spokesperson for Security and Intelligence

Andrew Little was elected to Parliament in 2011.

Born in New Plymouth and educated at New Plymouth Boys’ High School, he studied philosophy, law, and public policy at Victoria University. He served as president of Victoria’s student association and was twice elected NZUSA President. 

His first job was as a solicitor for the Engineers Union (later EPMU), working on employment law and ACC issues. He became National Secretary of the EPMU in 2000. As National Secretary he led negotiations with a number of major companies and developed a focus on high productivity work practices based on strong worker engagement. He was elected President of the Labour party in 2009 and has served on the boards of VUW, TEC, and WITT (Taranaki Polytechnic).

His work as a lawyer and union secretary demonstrated the need for government to be focused on both wealth creation and fair wealth distribution. He believes that a fair and just society should provide opportunities for people to excel and to be fairly rewarded for their efforts.

Since becoming an MP he has held the ACC, Tourism, Justice and Labour portfolios, lobbying for a reversal of legal aid cuts, the introduction of corporate manslaughter laws to increase accountability in cases such as the Pike River disaster and the creation of a criminal cases review commission to review alleged miscarriages of justice. He also helped develop new policy to improve the rights of sexual assault victims.

Andrew and his wife Leigh, and son Cam, live in Wellington’s Island Bay with their cat and dog Buddy and Harry.

He’s a keen mountain-biker, kayaker and golfer.

Latest from Andrew Little

Ministers with free degrees hypocritical

February 10, 2016

Senior National Party ministers who mock the idea of free post-school education for New Zealanders are hypocrites, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“In Parliament today several ministers - including the Prime Minister - openly scoffed at the idea that young Kiwis and those who need to retrain for future work should receive funding for that education.

TPP signing highlights divisions in NZ

February 04, 2016

The stage-managed signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement at a casino in Auckland today highlights the divisions National’s handling of the deal has caused in New Zealand, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“The Government’s whole management of the agreement has been botched, from the total secrecy to ramming it down people’s throats.

Education for all – including ‘waitresses’

February 02, 2016

John Key needs to tell waitresses why they aren’t part of his ambitions for New Zealand, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“This morning John Key said waitresses would pay for Labour’s policy for three years’ free post school education.

Key should be ashamed over student debt

February 01, 2016

John Key should be ashamed for overseeing a 50 per cent blowout in student loan debt on his watch, says Labour Leader Andrew Little.

“Student loan debt has risen from less than $10 billion in 2008 to $15 billion today. That’s mostly driven up by the 37 per cent increase in tertiary fees under National, while government tuition funding has risen just 3 per cent.

Three years free education for the 21st century economy

January 31, 2016

Labour’s Working Futures Plan will provide three years of free post-school education across a person’s life so New Zealanders can thrive in the 21st century economy, Opposition Leader Andrew Little announced today.

“The nature of work is changing rapidly and our education system must keep up if we are to seize the opportunities of the future. To compete in the new economy, New Zealand needs one of the best educated workforces in the world.

Bob Tizard’s passing an end of an era

January 28, 2016

Labour Leader Andrew Little has expressed his deepest condolences to the family of former Labour MP and Deputy Prime Minister Bob Tizard who died this afternoon.

Robert “Bob” Tizard was a Labour MP for 30 years, representing the seats of Tamaki, Otahuhu, Pakuranga, and Panmure. He was a Minister in both the Kirk and Lange governments and served as Deputy Prime Minister under Bill Rowling. He was made Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2000 for his commitment to public service.

Differing view on TPPA agreed

January 28, 2016

Opposition Leader Andrew Little has given dispensation to MP Phil Goff to take his own position on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement due to his historic involvement in negotiating its predecessor, the P4.

“Phil has had a longstanding involvement and public commitment to this agreement which differs with the Labour Caucus’ decision that it cannot support the deal in its current form due to its compromise of New Zealand’s sovereignty.

New TPPA study at odds with Govt report

January 28, 2016

A new US study on the impacts of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement casts doubt on the Government’s analysis of its impact and highlights the need for a truly open debate on the controversial deal, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“A Tufts University analysis written by two senior UN economists shows the likely loss of 6000 jobs over the next decade and a transfer of wealth from working families to corporates under the TPPA.

NZ loses squeaky clean corruption-free reputation

January 27, 2016

A second consecutive drop in a global transparency index busts the notion that New Zealand would remain corruption-free, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“New Zealand has long enjoyed a reputation as being the least corrupt country in the world. That’s no longer the case, with Transparency International’s 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index ranking us behind Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

TPP analysis confirms sovereignty at stake

January 26, 2016

The release of old and outdated information about the Trans Pacific Partnership will disappoint the many New Zealanders who want transparency around this controversial deal, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“The National Impact Analysis made public today is nothing new.

Remembering Ida Gaskin

January 08, 2016

The  death of Dr Ida Gaskin in New Plymouth at the age of 96 is personally a very sad occasion for me, says Opposition Leader Andrew Little.

“She was briefly my teacher and once inspired me to enter a speech contest at New Plymouth Boys High School which I won.

Govt underfunds Pharmac by $115m

December 08, 2015

John Key’s Government has underfunded Pharmac by more than $115m since 2012, and now Kiwis are missing out on life-saving drugs, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“For the past four years our drug-buying agency’s budget has risen just 2% when population pressure and inflation mean it should have had a 10% increase in funding just to tread water.

Health cuts at heart of cancer drug decision

December 07, 2015

John Key has confirmed budget cuts are behind a decision not to fund a life-saving cancer drug, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“The Prime Minister admitted in an interview this morning that Keytruda, which is considered by specialists to be a break-through treatment for advanced melanoma, could be funded if health was allocated more.

Labour urges Govt to move on life-saving drug

December 06, 2015

John Key should do the right thing and fund a revolutionary new drug that could save the lives of hundreds of Kiwis, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

Pharmac last week said it had decided not to fund pemrolizumab, or Keytruda, which oncologists say is a break-through treatment for advanced melanoma.

Detainees belong in Australia, not New Zealand

November 12, 2015

The detainees from Christmas Island and those being held in detention centres throughout Australia belong in that country and should not be returned to New Zealand, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“John Key wants to have these people back in New Zealand when they are to all intents and purposes Australians. Their interests, and the interests of New Zealanders, are better served with them remaining in Australia where they have family ties, social networks and a better chance of rehabilitation.

PM has lost his moral compass over Christmas Island

November 10, 2015

John Key is showing his weak leadership and refusal to do what is morally right by not raising human rights abuses of New Zealand born Australians on Christmas Island with Malcolm Turnbull, Opposition leader Andrew Little says.

“This was a weak and gutless display in Parliament today from the Prime Minister. He has failed to stand up for what’s right and his performance was a new low.

“He has lost his moral compass. It is a disgrace.

Labour will use buying power to create jobs

November 08, 2015

Labour will use the government’s $40 billion in buying power to create jobs and back local businesses by requiring suppliers to make job creation in New Zealand a determining factor for contracts, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

"Since I became Opposition Leader I have said that backing business to create good jobs will be my absolute priority. Over the next year I will set out a series of policies to boost job creation in New Zealand. The first thing I will do is make sure the government’s buying power does just that.

Congratulations All Blacks!!!

November 01, 2015

Andrew Little congratulated the All Blacks on their world class victory in the Rugby World Cup final at Twickenham.


“It was clearly a tough battle that was fought bravely from the beginning to the end. Two successive World Cup victories shows an outstanding team,” says Opposition Leader Andrew Little.


“The All Blacks have shown strength and determination by successfully defending the world champion title. This historic victory proves they are a record breaking All Black team.


“To be at Twickenham with all the All Black supporters was fantastic as there was a truly great atmosphere but I’m sure New Zealand supporters at home were just as loud and proud.

Labour will expose injustice on Christmas Island visit

October 21, 2015

Labour will have the opportunity to investigate the conditions of New Zealand detainees and push for fair and humane treatment with MP Kelvin Davis given permission to enter Christmas Island Detention Centre, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“Kelvin Davis has played a vital role in bringing media attention to the injustices around the deportations.

New mums only part of the solution

October 19, 2015

Beating up on mums-to-be is not the way to tackle New Zealand’s alarming obesity rates, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“More than a million Kiwi adults and 79,000 Kiwi kids are obese. We are the fourth fattest country in the OECD.

Discretion must be more than empty rhetoric

October 18, 2015


Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull must keep his commitment to give individual circumstances of Kiwis in Australia facing deportation more consideration after a tetraplegic was dumped at Auckland Airport, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

The 56-year-old who has spent the past 36 years living across the Tasman reportedly arrived with only $200 and a voucher for a week’s accommodation. The man – who was jailed for self-medicating with controlled painkillers – says he has no friends or family here.

Nats play politics while Kiwi kids die in homes

October 15, 2015

The Speaker’s decision to not read my Healthy Homes Bill smacks of political interference from a Government that is more concerned with playing politics than stopping children dying in cold damp homes, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“My Healthy Homes Bill offers solutions to this national disgrace now.

Warm, dry healthy rental homes a step closer

October 15, 2015

Landlords would be required to make sure their rental properties are warm and dry through a Labour Member’s Bill to be debated by Parliament, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“This Bill was lodged following the tragic death of Emma-Lita Bourne in a cold, damp Auckland state house. 

Andrew Little Speech to CTU Conference

October 15, 2015

Hello and thank you so much for the opportunity to speak to you today.

It is an honour to address the CTU for the first time as the Leader of the Labour Party.

Of course, it’s not only as Leader of the Labour Party but as a delegate many times to CTU conferences.

Cancer patients deserve help, not threats

October 14, 2015

John Key needs to show some moral leadership and end his Government’s heartless practice of insisting cancer patients look for work, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“It is common-sense that someone battling a disease like cancer shouldn’t have to fill out forms and jump through hoops to explain to WINZ why they aren’t out looking for work.

Defence minister, not panda pimp

September 30, 2015

While Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee is in China pushing a taxpayer funded deal to bring two pandas to New Zealand, the country’s military look set to be hit with a pay freeze, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“Gerry Brownlee is supposed to be in China on Defence Force business, not on a secret panda-buying mission.

Govt must seek urgent explanation after death in custody

September 28, 2015

The Government must seek an urgent explanation from the Australian Government about the treatment of New Zealand citizens being held in detention centres after the tragic death in custody of Junior Togatuki, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“For the past week we have heard harrowing stories of New Zealand-born Australian residents – who have served their time – being shipped off in the dead of night to detention centres hundreds of miles away from their families. 

National’s panda politics cynical distraction

September 23, 2015

John Key’s latest pet project, which will see taxpayers’ money spent on bringing pandas to Wellington, is a cynical distraction from serious issues facing this country, Opposition leader Andrew Little says.

“Spending taxpayer dollars to bring two pandas to Wellington Zoo is a waste of money, especially at a time when we are facing serious economic headwinds, cutting scientists from AgResearch and our state houses are in serious disrepair.

Prime Minister must seek flag solution

September 16, 2015

There is still time to fix the flag referendum to give all New Zealanders a say despite John Key today refusing to allow a Labour Member’s Bill to be tabled which would have added Red Peak and a Yes/No question into the first referendum, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“Our bill may have been refused today but I have written a letter in good faith to the Prime Minister urging him to meet with me to find a joint solution with no pre-conditions to that meeting.

Govt must come clean on secret HNZ dividend

September 15, 2015

The Prime Minister must explain why Housing New Zealand is set to pay the Government $454 million in dividends in the next financial year – four times more than expected, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“Housing NZ’s Statement of Performance Expectations features a single reference to a new item called “capital contributions to the Crown(page 15).

Margaret Long Memorial Speech

September 14, 2015

Tēnā Koutou Katoa.

Thank you all for the opportunity to speak this evening.

Can I acknowledge fellow Labour MPs including Deputy Leader Annette King, Labour issues spokesperson Iain Lees-Galloway, Spokesperson for the voluntary sector Poto Williams and Spokesperson for Youth Affairs, Louisa Wall.

Andrew Little Whanganui Greypower Speech Thursday 10th September

September 10, 2015

Thank you for the invitation to speak this afternoon.

I want to acknowledge your local president Graham Adams and Whanganui Deputy Mayor Hamish McDouall.

Today, I want to talk about New Zealand’s tradition of standing up for our values and interests on the world stage.

NZ response must reflect scale of humanitarian crisis

September 05, 2015

The Government’s response to the refugee crisis must reflect the scale of the massive humanitarian disaster unfolding in Europe, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

UNHCR spokesperson Ariane Rummery this morning told The Nation that the New Zealand Government has agreed to take 100 refugees from the main European countries that are inundated with refugees.

Emergency bill could save 750 refugees

September 04, 2015

Labour will on Tuesday introduce an Emergency Humanitarian Response Bill to Parliament to bring an additional 750 refugees into New Zealand this year, Andrew Little says.

“We cannot stand by and wait for a review. This is a crisis and New Zealanders everywhere are demanding we open our doors to these most vulnerable people.

John Key: where is your conscience?

September 03, 2015

The Prime Minister’s refusal to raise the refugee quota in the face of an international humanitarian crisis shows a lack of empathy and moral leadership, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“There are times in politics when you are faced with stark moral choices between right and wrong. This is one of those times. Raising the quota is the right thing to do. Doing nothing, as John Key is doing, is morally wrong.

Government must do more to help global refugee crisis

September 01, 2015

John Key must urgently increase our refugee quota and let New Zealand play its part in helping address the tragic humanitarian crisis unfolding around the world, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“The refugee crisis in countries like Lebanon and Austria is simply heartbreaking. There are now 9 million refugees from Syria alone.

Privatising CYF about ideology not care

August 31, 2015

John Key’s suggestions today that Child Youth and Family could be privatized will be a terrifying thought for New Zealanders already dealing with the mess created in private prisons and plans to sell our state houses to Australians, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says. 

“Clearly the Government is softening up the public for the privatization – at least in part – of CYF. That is wrong and it cannot be allowed to go ahead.

Not too late to fix Health and Safety for New Zealand’s workers

August 25, 2015

The Government and its minor party supporters are showing an arrogant disregard for workers’ lives by not agreeing to a cross-party solution to the botched Health and Safety bill, Opposition leader Andrew Little says.

“Yesterday I wrote to the Prime Minister, Minister Woodhouse, Peter Dunne and the Maori Party with solutions to the mess that the current bill is in, offering to sit down together to find a fix we can all agree on.

Speech to the New Zealand Council of Infrastructure Development

August 24, 2015

Tēnā Kotou Katoa.

Thank you so much for having me along to speak today.

Can I begin by acknowledging John Rae, the President, and Stephen Selwood, the chief executive of the Council for Infrastructure Development.

Key must explain why Health and Safety Bill pulled

August 18, 2015

John Key must explain why his Government is delaying the Health and Safety Bill when Pike River families have travelled to Wellington specifically to register their opposition, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“Yesterday afternoon John Key suggested the bill may not come back to the House this week. That’s a very last minute move.

Tiwai Point welcomed but strategy needed

August 03, 2015

The  news that Tiwai Point Aluminium smelter will remain open is good news for the 800 workers at the plant and the people of Southland, but points to a need for a comprehensive regional development strategy, Opposition leader Andrew Little says. 

“The certainty this deal brings over the coming months and years will be welcomed in Southland  which will be feeling the effects of the plummeting dairy prices.

Stalled TPP chance for wider discussion

August 01, 2015

Failure to get the TPP agreement across the line gives New Zealanders an opportunity to put more pressure on the Government not to sign away our sovereignty, Opposition leader Andrew Little says.

“New Zealand land, dairy and medicines are up for grabs in these negotiations. There has to be some meaningful gains for us in this.

Flag the referendum if 50% or more don’t vote

July 29, 2015

Labour has moved to have the second flag referendum canned if the first attracts fewer than half the eligible number of voters, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“John Key has already wasted more than $8 million on his vanity project at a time when New Zealand can least afford it.

Key is trading away New Zealand land and homes

July 27, 2015

John Key yesterday admitted what National dishonestly refused to confirm in Parliament last week – he is trading away New Zealand’s right to control who buys our homes and land, says Opposition leader Andrew Little.

“The Prime Minister must now answer the question: how will he protect our land under an agreement that he admits will stop a future New Zealand Government from banning non-resident foreign buyers?

Labour will not support TPP if it undermines NZ sovereignty

July 23, 2015

The Labour Party will not support the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement unless key protections for New Zealanders are met, Opposition leader Andrew Little says.

“Labour supports free trade. However, we will not support a TPP agreement that undermines New Zealand’s sovereignty.

Costly flag referendum should be dumped

July 22, 2015

John Key must ditch the flag referendum before any more taxpayer money is wasted, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“Millions of dollars could be saved if the Prime Minister called a halt to this hugely expensive, and highly unpopular, vanity project.

Making business tax more flexible

July 17, 2015

Labour is launching a new proposal to give businesses more flexibility and control over when they pay their tax, Opposition Leader Andrew Little announced today.

“Today I am launching a discussion document to give businesses the option of paying their income tax through a system similar to PAYE called Flexible Tax for Business.

Time for foreign buyers register

July 14, 2015

It is time the Government set up a foreign buyers register so New Zealanders can see exactly how many of our houses offshore speculators are purchasing, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce was being cute this morning when he said the Government would be collecting this data from October 1.

Zero hours – signed, sealed, delivered

July 12, 2015

Rather than outlaw exploitative zero-hour contracts the Government has done the exact opposite and entrenched them in law, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“National promised to get rid of zero hour contracts. It hasn’t. It has just made new rules for how to use them. They are confusing, muddled and will make no real difference to vulnerable workers.

Time for economic spin is over

July 07, 2015

 Business confidence in the latest NZIER Quarterly Survey of Business Opinion falling to its lowest level in three years is yet another warning of a staggering economy that cannot be ignored, says Labour's leader Andrew Little.  

“This comes on the back of dairy prices falling by a third since March, plummeting wage and employment expectations and a big drop in exports. 

Tiwai Smelter and 800 workers left in limbo

July 01, 2015

 Workers at Tiwai smelter and the people of Southland have once again been left in limbo over their future in the ongoing debacle over whether the plant stays open, says Labour’s Leader Andrew Little. 

“It’s not good enough that after two years of negotiation between Meridian Energy and Rio Tinto there is now another delay until August.

Serious risks to tenants and assets in sell-off

June 30, 2015

Overseas evidence shows there are serious risks around the Government's plan to sell off state houses to social housing providers, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“In the Netherlands – where community housing providers supply the majority of social housing – there has been massive mismanagement in recent years. This has included cost blow outs, allegations of personal enrichment and €1.2 billion of losses which resulted in thousands of houses being sold to foreign speculators.

Prime Minister confuses his political interests with NZ’s interest

June 24, 2015

The Prime Minister’s statement in Parliament yesterday that a Minister who paid a facilitation payment to unlock a free trade agreement would retain his confidence is an abhorrent development in the Saudi sheep scandal, Opposition leader Andrew Little says. 

Another embarrassing climb down in Crown land saga

June 17, 2015

The Government has done another embarrassing climb down in the ongoing saga of its Auckland Crown land policy, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“Labour understands the Government yesterday confirmed to Waikato-Tainui that it does have Right of First Refusal – only hours after the Prime Minister stated the opposite.

Prime Minister misled or badly briefed

June 16, 2015

The Prime Minister has either been deliberately misleading about the Auckland land dispute or he was not properly advised by Housing Minister Nick Smith, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“John Key said yesterday Ngati Whatua has no right of first refusal and there is no land parcel that can be used as the basis of a legal case to test this provision. 

Slow motion train crash heads to court

June 15, 2015

If John Key had greater oversight of his Minister’s Budget announcement to free up Crown land for housing, the matter wouldn’t be heading for the court, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“National’s Budget centrepiece has turned to custard. It was clear from the start this plan was rushed and ill-conceived. 

Rural roads dangerously underfunded

June 12, 2015

Roads in New Zealand’s rural communities are dangerously unsafe after years of funding neglect, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

Speaking at Fieldays today, he said the underfunding was chronic, and was costing lives.

Labour mourns Peter Conway

June 09, 2015

It is with immense sadness that the Labour Party marks the passing of former Council of Trade Unions secretary Peter Conway, says Labour Leader Andrew Little.

“Pete was a stalwart of the labour movement whose dedication to the rights and wellbeing of all New Zealand workers was enduring and determined.

Government must pick up healthy homes Bill

June 05, 2015

Following the tragic death of Emma-Lita Bourne, Labour is today resubmitting its healthy homes Bill and calls on the Government to immediately adopt it.

“This Bill will ensure every rental property in New Zealand – whether it is a state house or private rental – meets minimum standards of heating and insulation,” Labour Leader and the Bill’s sponsor Andrew Little says.

National: Seven KiwiSaver cuts in seven years

May 26, 2015

National’s campaign of KiwiSaver cuts has reached seven in seven years as it dismantles KiwiSaver block by block, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“KiwiSaver is critical to establishing a savings culture in New Zealand but National has taken a jenga-style approach, removing block after block and undermining its foundations.

SkyCity downsize another broken promise

May 26, 2015

The downsized SkyCity Convention Centre does not deliver on the promised iconic world-class centre and shows the true extent of Steven Joyce’s incompetence, Labour Leader Andrew Little said today.

“New Zealanders were promised an iconic world-class convention centre that would attract new business from overseas. The final design means hundreds of people fewer will attend conferences.

Labour mourns Dame Dorothy Fraser

May 25, 2015

Labour Leader Andrew Little said the party is today mourning the loss of the youngest person to join the Labour Party, Dame Dorothy Fraser, who went on to be a stalwart of the Dunedin community and tireless worker for others.

“It is with much sadness that we learnt of the passing of Dame Dorothy, who died yesterday aged 89.

National hits the panic button for its 7th Budget

May 21, 2015

National has hit the panic button for its 7th Budget in a desperate attempt to look like they’re taking action to reduce our shameful child poverty rates, but they are giving with one hand and taking with the other, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“Lifting benefits is important but at the peak of the economic cycle all incomes should be rising. Helping lift our most vulnerable people shouldn’t have to come at the cost of those just a couple of rungs up the ladder.

John’s panic-Key response to housing crisis

May 18, 2015

John Key needs to tell New Zealanders what caused his sudden change of heart that led to the Government’s scrambled and last-minute housing measures, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“The Prime Minister’s sudden rush of blood to his head followed his adamant denials last month that he would be making tax changes for property investors in this week’s Budget.

John Key finally admits there’s a housing crisis

May 17, 2015

John Key’s weak measures to rein in the astronomical profits property speculators are making are an admission – finally – that there is a housing crisis, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“But yet again National is tinkering with the housing market. The moves announced today are tentative and incremental.

Government bows to ACC pressure

May 11, 2015

 The Government has finally buckled to pressure from Labour and the New Zealand public in making a half billion dollar cut to ACC levies, but the full benefits are two years away,” says Opposition Leader Andrew Little. 

“$500 million over two years is not enough.

Big changes needed for prostate cancer patients

May 07, 2015

The Government must take urgent steps to improve the survival rates of New Zealand men diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer who are dying at twice the rates of their British counterparts, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“A new report out today highlights an appalling lack of consistency in the care and treatment of men diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer in New Zealand. 

Job figures show many missing out

May 06, 2015

New Zealand’s “rock star” economy is failing to deliver either a surplus, real wage increases or job growth with unemployment stuck at 5.8 per cent,” Labour’s Leader Andrew Little says.

“The Government trumpets the 3 per cent growth rate and tells us we are ‘on the cusp of something special’.

Spotless must now end all zero-hours contracts

May 06, 2015

New Zealand’s largest contractor of food, cleaning and hospital staff, Spotless, must now take action to end all zero-hour contracts, Opposition leader Andrew Little says.

“Yesterday Labour asked questions of Parliamentary Service and the Speaker after we revealed nine parliamentary workers contracted by Spotless were on zero-hours contracts.

Parliament workers on zero-hour contracts

May 05, 2015

The Government must take urgent action and insist the contractor who employs workers at Parliament on zero-hour contracts end these unfair work arrangements, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“Speaker David Carter has confirmed in his reply to questions from Labour that nine staff are employed in the Parliamentary Precinct on zero-hour contracts.

Gallipoli’s lesson: never forget, never repeat

April 24, 2015

 A special monument to one of our greatest war heroes should be a priority for the new Pukeahu National War Memorial Park, Labour Leader Andrew Little says. 

“This will honour the spirit of Lieutenant Colonel William Malone, who led 760 men to take Chunuk Bair in a terrible battle of which just 70 were not wounded or killed. 

National must take action on speculators

April 16, 2015

The Government must take action on property speculators who are damaging the housing market and shutting families and young people out of the home ownership dream, Labour Leader Andrew Little says. 

“There are a number of options the Government could take to prevent property speculators building up large housing portfolios and pushing up house prices.

Reserve Bank scathing of Government

April 15, 2015

The Reserve Bank’s most scathing critique to date of National’s inability to handle the housing crisis shows the Bank is sick of having to pick up the pieces, Labour Leader Andrew Little says. 

“John Key continues to deny there is a housing crisis – to the shock of anyone trying to buy their first home. That’s why he refuses to do anything. 

Government must come clean on troop deployment and protections

April 15, 2015

New Zealanders deserve more than to hear about their troops’ deployment overseas from Australian media, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“News from Australia that Kiwi troops are on their way to Iraq this week is another example of the culture of secrecy and unknown protections around the deployment.”

Kiwis deserve more than reheats

April 14, 2015

The Government looks set to rely on regurgitated announcements for this year’s Budget if today’s speech is anything to go by, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“National has been building up to this Budget for seven long years, promising a surplus and rewards for years of hard work and cut backs.

Zero excuses, end zero hour contracts now

April 14, 2015

It’s time Workplace Relations Minister Michael Woodhouse cut the weasel words and banned zero hour contracts, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“Michael Woodhouse today acknowledged zero hour contracts are unfair.

Parity is no party for export businesses

April 08, 2015

The extent of the damage done by the high dollar to New Zealand businesses is larger than many think as shown by a dramatic decrease in exports to Australia as our dollar rises, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“When the dollar rises, exports across the ditch drop significantly. That’s a blow to businesses. It costs jobs and stifles innovation and expansion.

Carmel Sepuloni back in Social Development role

March 31, 2015

Andrew Little has reinstated Carmel Sepuloni as Labour’s Social Development spokesperson following the sentencing of her mother in the New Plymouth District Court today.

“It has been a tough time for Carmel, but we both agreed it was appropriate she stood aside because of possible perceptions of a conflict of interest.

Government taking Kiwis for April Fools

March 31, 2015

Many Kiwis will be wondering if the joke is on them when a raft of Government changes come into effect tomorrow, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“First is ACC and National’s unwillingness to end its rort of Kiwi businesses which is estimated to be costing 700 jobs.

Labour looks to put the tea back into entitlements

March 25, 2015

Labour is moving to restore the rights of Kiwis to take tea and rest breaks, Leader Andrew Little says.

“Within months of the Government’s Employment Relations Amendment Bill becoming law we are already seeing some of our largest companies, including Cotton On and Postie Plus, trying to strip workers of their minimum smoko entitlements.

GCSB: Groser’s Competition Scuttling Bureau

March 23, 2015

Tim Groser’s personal use of the GCSB to try and get himself a job at the WTO is a highly dubious use of an agency that is meant to combat security threats, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“This is outrageous. The GCSB is a foreign intelligence agency, not a recruitment agency. For all we know they also wrote his CV.

State house sell-off turns to dust

March 23, 2015

The Government’s state house sell-off has been dealt a devastating blow after one of New Zealand’s largest and most respected social service providers refused to take part because it won’t improve the lives of tenants, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“The Salvation Army has gone through the Government’s policy with a fine tooth comb and found it to be fundamentally flawed.

Nail in housing coffin from own officials

March 18, 2015

The Government’s 2014 Budget tariff removal bribe was nothing more than a gift to property developers, according to its own officials, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“Advice to ministers from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment last November – and only recently released publicly – states that any savings from the dumping of tariffs and duties on building supplies are “likely to be captured by developers rather than passed on to consumers”.

Key out of touch with business on ACC

March 09, 2015

John Key is insulting small businesses and hurting their bottom line by refusing to cut ACC levies by $350 million right now, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“The Prime Minister has lost touch with the business community by saying: ‘no one's arguing that we're not working as fast as we possibly can’ to cut ACC levies.

Curb stratospheric public CEO salaries

March 03, 2015

A review of the way MPs’ pay is set should also look at ways to curb excessive rises in the salaries of public service chief executives, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“Some of these CEOs have had stratospheric pay increases in recent years.

Reply to PM’s statement on deploying troops to Iraq

February 24, 2015

“The decision of any Government to send troops to a conflict zone is a very serious one, and it is right that this House takes time to consider it, to debate it, and, ideally, to vote on it, but we will not have that chance today.

“We will at least have a chance to talk about it today, but the truth is this decision was made some time ago. The Governments of Australia and Iraq were told about the decision last night, and the people of New Zealand have been told about the decision and the details of the deployment of New Zealand troops to Iraq this afternoon.

Assurances needed on fund investment

February 20, 2015

The Finance Minister needs to assure taxpayers that due diligence was carried out on a $200 million investment into a Portuguese Bank that collapsed three weeks later, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“The Super Fund has performed well over the years but there must be transparency around the loan to Banco Espirito Santo to maintain public confidence.

Lashlie’s legacy will live on

February 17, 2015

Social justice advocate Celia Lashlie leaves a legacy that will continue to have a positive impact on the lives of New Zealanders for years to come, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“Celia was a powerful voice for reason, sense and compassion. Her work, particularly with teenage boys, was ground-breaking.

Public pressure comes up trumps

February 15, 2015

The Government had no choice but to back away from plans to throw taxpayer money at SkyCity given New Zealanders’ overwhelming opposition to it, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

 “SkyCity are the ones who have suckered the Government.

Convention Centre: It’s deal or no deal Mr Key

February 10, 2015

John Key has to confirm whether the deal with Sky City over its convention centre is still on the table, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“John Key and Steven Joyce told Kiwis they were corporate wunderkinds and could negotiate an incredible deal of a ‘free’ convention centre. Instead, by Mr Key’s own admission, five years of negotiation have only delivered plans for an ‘eyesore’.

Kiwis miss out on Cricket World Cup jobs

February 10, 2015


The  number of New Zealanders working on the television broadcasts for the  Cricket World Cup have been cut by the broadcaster bringing in outside staff for the games being played in New Zealand, says Labour Leader Andrew Little. 

“The New Zealand Film and Video Technicians Guild, which represents many of the workers in the outside broadcast teams, says only around 10 per cent of the workforce will be New Zealanders. Usually up to 60 per cent of the crews employed on such an event would be Kiwis.

Aotearoa loses a great Māori leader

February 09, 2015

He aituā!  He aituā!

Ka tau te kākahu taratara ki runga o Hikurangi maunga.  Ka rere iho ngā roimata ki roto I te awa o Waiapū.  Ka tere tonu ki te pākau o te Rāwhiti.

National fails Kiwis seeking good, skilled jobs

February 04, 2015

Kiwis are finding it even harder to get good jobs that pay a decent wage showing National can’t make the economic recovery deliver for all New Zealanders, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“This is a jobless recovery. The economy is growing but unemployment is increasing. There are 38,000 more people unemployed than there were when National got into office. That shows there is something seriously wrong with the way National is managing the economy.

Labour wishes Russel Norman well

January 30, 2015

The Labour Party wishes Russel Norman well in the future as he stands down as Green Party co-leader, Labour Leader Andrew Little said today.

“Russel has made a significant contribution to New Zealand politics in his nine years as co-leader of the Greens.

National’s back to the future on housing sell-off

January 29, 2015

National’s newly announced state housing policy is simply a re-run of its failed ideologically-driven 1990s experiment, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“News articles from the mid-1990s uncovered by Labour shows this is just more of the same.

RMA changes won’t knock a dollar off the cost of a new home

January 21, 2015

The Government’s proposed changes to the RMA won’t increase the number of affordable homes or knock a dollar off the cost of building a new house, Labour Leader Andrew Little says. 

“Tinkering with the RMA will not solve National’s housing crisis. While Labour will work constructively on sensible proposals, this is not a silver bullet to fix the major problem which is a lack of affordable homes.

Labour adds its condemnation of Paris attack

January 08, 2015

The Labour Party adds its voice to the international condemnation of today’s shocking attack on freedom of speech in Paris, Leader Andrew Little says.

“The attack on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper is an assault on democracy and freedom of expression. Violence against journalists is abhorrent and must not be tolerated in any form.

Taxpayers not suckers when it comes to casino lemon

December 23, 2014

The Government should not be asking New Zealanders to stump up extra cash to bail out John Key and Steven Joyce’s dodgy SkyCity convention centre deal, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

"A deal is a deal is a deal. SkyCity offered to build the convention centre. If they can’t come up with what they now say is a shortfall in costs that’s their problem. Taxpayers should not be asked to dig into their pockets.

Reducing inequality creates a stronger economy

December 10, 2014

An OECD report finding New Zealand has one of the fast growing rates of income inequality shows “trickle down” economics has failed and that everyone is better off under a stronger economy, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“The Government should be embarrassed by this report. It shows New Zealand has the widest growth in the gap between the haves and the have-nots in the developed world.

Key should follow Aussie crackdown on foreign home buyers

December 03, 2014

If John Key is serious about tackling the housing crisis he should adopt moves by Australia’s Parliament to crack down on overseas speculators who are driving up prices, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“Australia already has a ban on foreign home buyers but a new report by the Australian Parliament recommended establishing a register that records the citizenship and residence of home buyers as well as tougher penalties for avoidance.

Labour to support amended terror legislation

December 02, 2014

Labour will support new laws to protect New Zealanders from terrorism after winning significant concessions from the Government, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“We accept there is an increased threat level and new measures are needed to ensure our security agencies can rapidly respond to terrorist threats.

New faces, wise heads in bold Labour line up

November 24, 2014

Labour Leader Andrew Little today announced a bold new caucus line up which brings forward new talent and draws on the party’s depth of experience.

Backing New Zealanders to get ahead

November 18, 2014

New Labour Leader Andrew Little says it is an immense privilege to have been chosen to lead the party and to be given the task of ensuring it once again becomes a powerful force that backs New Zealanders in getting ahead as a nation. 

"Labour is the party that has always been at the forefront of real and meaningful change that benefits all New Zealanders and that is the tradition I will honour as Leader.

Wild West culture a result of gung-ho government

November 06, 2014

Successive employment law changes over the last six years that have taken away work rights have led to a Wild West employer culture in many workplaces, Labour’s workplace relations spokesperson Andrew Little says.

A government audit of 23 Christchurch building firms which found significant breaches by 16 of them follows an audit of farm employers showing basic breaches of employment rights by many bosses in that sector.

Govt strains to get tea break law through

October 24, 2014

The Government has been left with egg on its face - failing to get its much-vaunted, but hugely unpopular, meal break law passed in the first week of its new term, Labour spokesperson on Labour Issues Andrew Little says.

“National desperately wanted to pass its Employment Relations Amendment Bill this week. It hasn’t been able to do that and will now have to wait until Tuesday.

Tea breaks gone by lunch time

October 22, 2014

Labour is calling for an eleventh hour reprieve to employment law changes which could see thousands of Kiwi workers not covered by collective agreements lose their smoko breaks, its spokesperson on Labour Issues Andrew Little says.

“How cynical that on the eve of Labour weekend, the National government is pushing through legislation that takes away the statutory right to tea and meal breaks along with collective bargaining protections, and makes vulnerable workers jobs even less secure.

Law changes shaping up to be worse than first thought

October 13, 2014

The Prime Minister needs to be up front about exactly what changes he is planning to make to the Employment Relations  Amendment Bill, Labour's spokesperson on Labour Issues Andrew Little says.

Interviewed on Q&A yesterday John Key said he did not think the Bill would change dramatically and that nothing would change "in principle".

Labour: A smarter approach to justice

August 30, 2014

A Labour Government will improve the justice system to ensure it achieves real public safety, provides equal access to justice and protects human rights, Labour’s Justice spokesperson Andrew Little says.

“Our approach is about tackling the root causes of crime, recognising the importance of community involvement in the justice system, and promoting a secure and inclusive society.

Wages argument doesn’t stack up

August 06, 2014

Business New Zealand’s narrow view about what is good for the labour market and for the economy undermines its credibility and shows it may have little to offer the debate on increasing the national income and sharing it fairly, Labour’s spokesperson on Labour Issues Andrew Little says.

“Just as the rest of the country is waking up to the fact of growing inequality and an increasing wage gap Business New Zealand calls for a lid on the minimum wage and more deregulation of the labour market.

Evidence refutes doomsday wages predictions

July 31, 2014

Minister of Labour Simon Bridges should cut the tired old rhetoric about rises in the minimum wage causing job losses and understand New Zealand has a serious problem with low wages and working poverty that needs to be addressed, Labour’s spokesperson on Labour Issues Andrew Little says.

“The claim that increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour before Christmas and then to $16.25 next April will cost jobs just isn’t supported by New Zealand’s experience under the last Labour government, nor by overseas research.

Crime targets no excuse for fewer prosecutions

July 08, 2014

Police are being instructed to charge fewer people in order to meet National’s crime reduction targets, Labour says.

“Front line police and others in the criminal justice system are telling us police have had pressure put on by senior officers to reduce the number of charges they lay to meet the Government's targets,” Justice spokesperson Andrew Little says.

Victims should be at centre of domestic violence measures

July 02, 2014

Serious measures to stem our appalling record of domestic violence are overdue but creating another Ministry of Justice adviser and abolishing fair trial rights for alleged offenders will make little difference, Labour's Justice spokesperson Andrew Little says.

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