How we'll level the playing field

Last weekend, I announced that Labour will end a tax loophole that speculators use, and invest the savings in insulation and heating for homes. Like the rest of our fresh plan for housing, these policies have generated a lot of interest and questions from Kiwis keen to know how Labour will tackle the crisis. So, I wanted to explain what the loophole is and address some of your questions.

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Andrew Little speech to 2017 Congress

Delegates, we have four and a half months ahead of us, and a great opportunity to give this country a fresh approach:

  • to make sure everyone has a decent place to live;
  • for hospitals that can treat everyone who turns up for care;
  • to give hope to young people looking for work;
  • to make our rivers clean again and take real action on climate change and the environment.
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Jacinda Ardern: Labour Congress Speech

Kia ora koutuo katoa.

Nigel, Andrew, all of the Labour Family. It is my privilege to speak to you today. First and foremost as a fellow activist. And humbly, as your Deputy Leader.

There are often times in politics where, things happen, that you just don’t expect. The Exclusive Brethren entering the campaign of 2005, Don Brash coming within a whisker of victory, John Banks….well, John Banks just generally. But the fact I am here, also feels unexpected to me.

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Grant Robertson speech to Congress 2017


It is an honour and a privilege to stand before you at this critical point, not just in our electoral cycle, but for New Zealand.  

At the election in September voters will face a choice between a government led by Andrew Little with a fresh approach to give every New Zealander a fair share in prosperity or the continuation of a tired government, out of touch and stuck in the past.  

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A strong Māori voice in Government

Last week, we announced our list of candidates for this year’s general election. It’s a list full of talent and diversity; an exciting mix of experience and fresh faces.

It’s also a list that will mean we will have better Māori representation than ever before. We’ll likely have at least one in four Māori Labour MPs in our Caucus. That is unprecedented – it would be the largest team of Māori MPs of any political party in our history.

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Meet some of Labour’s fresh new faces!

This morning, we released our list for the 2017 election. We’re really proud of this team – it’s fresh and talented, with a good dose of experience thrown in too! It’s also really representative of New Zealand, which will add more diversity to our Parliament.

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Labour's 2017 List

Labour's list for the 2017 Election:

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Grant Robertson on a Modern Monetary Policy Framework


The year 1989 was a watershed for a host of reasons here in New Zealand and around the world. First and foremost, Seinfeld premiered on television. In all seriousness, the Berlin Wall fell as the implosion of the so-called Eastern Bloc moved apace. Ronald Reagan was finishing his eight years as President of the United States. Tim Berners-Lee produced the first design for a world wide web and the first internet connection in New Zealand came through the University of Waikato.

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Now is the time

At the age of 20, I became a father.

I was in my final year at university and I was working part-time at a cinema, while my partner was working full-time in a hospitality job. We were both earning just over the minimum wage and living in a damp and mouldy private rental house in the Hutt Valley.

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Grant Robertson: Speech to launch the Budget Responsibility Rules

Today we are announcing the framework that will guide our approach to managing the economy if we are given the honour of leading a government after the September election. These rules give a clear direction to New Zealanders that we will balance our commitment to investing in critical areas with responsible stewardship of the economy on their behalf.

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