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Helen grew up in Freemans Bay, spending her time between Freemans Bay School, Western Park and the Rupa Dairy. Three kids and a bustling legal practice later, she is grateful for everything Auckland has given her. That’s why she is focussed on serving our community.

As a barrister specialising in employment law, Helen works for employees, employers and unions.  She has both insight into how employment, wages and low incomes impact on many New Zealanders and a commitment to fix the issues she sees in her work. She is passionate about ensuring every Kiwi has access to affordable and efficient justice.

As a mum, Helen wants to ensure Auckland Central is a place where her children can afford to live in. Under National, the housing affordability crisis is getting worse and Auckland needs high-quality affordable housing, secure and healthy homes for tenants and investment in our urban environment.

Helen thinks it is time that the National Government started investing in building Auckland’s future. Helen wants a modern and urban city that has people - residents, workers and visitors - at its heart. She wants to protect our beautiful landscapes and to build the infrastructure and employment of the twenty-first century.

For Helen, Auckland Central is the heart of New Zealand and our powerhouse. She wants to build a welcoming, vibrant and open Auckland.

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