Naisi Chen

50Candidate for East Coast Bays

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Naisi arrived in this country when she was 5. Coming from Beijing, China. She witnessed the struggle her parents went through to establish themselves in a new country as immigrants but also appreciates dearly the inclusiveness of this nation. 

Currently in her final year of her university degree in law, she has already had extensive involvement in student politics. Her major roles include President of the New Zealand Chinese Students Association, Vice-President of the Auckland Chinese Students and Scholars Association and currently sits on the advisory board of the New Zealand China Council. She successfully organised the public meeting to raise awareness of student safety and which saw changes to Albert Park lighting and the rewrite of the international students well-being strategy. 

Naisi has lived all her New Zealand life on the shore attending local primary, intermediate and high school. She loves the beaches and cares for the environment deeply, knowing that sustainable management is the only way to ensure a thriving future. She will advocate passionately to make East Coast Bays a better place to live for all Kiwis and work with the community towards a more prosperous community. 

“My peers and I are direct victims of the National Government’s failure to solve the housing crisis. I want New Zealand to remain one of the best places in the world to live and that’s why I’ll be campaigning hard to promote Labour’s policies to increase affordable housing and reduce inequality.”

Naisi also works part time to her studies in the district courts of Auckland and has experience in family and international trade law firms.