Shanan Halbert

51Candidate for Northcote

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Shanan Halbert believes in the core values of equal opportunity for all in Aotearoa New Zealand, and wants to put those into action as the Labour MP for Northcote.

Shanan is a 35 year old education professional with management experience at secondary and tertiary levels. He held leadership roles at Northcote’s Hato Petera College, AUT University and is currently the Head of Relationships and Recruitment at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa, NZs second largest tertiary provider. It is deeply concerning to Shanan that, under National, the housing crisis is getting worse, funding is being cut from the health service and education results are dropping.

Shanan and his partner chose to settle in the Northcote electorate six years ago. They were lucky to be able to buy a home, but only because of Labour’s Kiwisaver programme. Since then prices have risen sharply.Too many people in Northcote, including many of Shanan’s friends, family and colleagues, cannot find a place to call home.Parents are seeing their children and grandchildren either struggling in expensive substandard housing or threatening to leave Auckland.

As a senior manager in the education field, Shanan knows that life-long learning must be made available in our fast-changing world. Labour has a plan to provide three years of post-school education over a person’s lifetime.Shanan and Labour believe access to world-class education enriches the whole community.

Shanan has close links to health workers doing the best they can with inadequate resources. Bill English has now cut $1.7 billion out of health. Prominent members of the medical profession are extremely worried he went way too far, and things are declining rapidly. Labour will invest in health, including funding primary healthcare, elective surgery, breakthrough life-saving cancer medicines and mental health services.