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    As a Government, we know that fixing long-term problems needs fresh thinking and energy. We need to fix the immediate problems facing New Zealand, but we also know we need to look thirty years ahead, not just three - all while being economically responsible.

    Budget 2018: what to expect

    This week, the Government will announce its first Budget. On Thursday, you’ll see what's in store for the coming year (and beyond!) as we present our fully-funded plan that'll set a course for New Zealand’s future.

    Ahead of Thursday’s announcement, here’s a preview of what Budget 2018 will bring.

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Shanan Halbert

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Pare Hauraki Collective Redress extension

· May 16, 2018

Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Minister Andrew Little has given settlement groups more time to provide him with any additional information before he makes a decision regarding the signing of the Pare Hauraki Collective Redress Deed.

Government releases review of organisational culture and processes at the Human Rights Commission

· May 15, 2018

Justice Minister Andrew Little today released the Ministerial Review of the Human Rights Commission in relation to the internal handling of sexual harassment claims and its organisational culture.

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