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I want to see humanity secure against poverty, secure against illness and old age. We are here to serve, not merely to talk.
– Michael Joseph Savage

I'm proudly standing for Labour in the Taupo Electorate to advocate for this unique part of our country, our region has great potential to grow further and for everyone to get ahead. For the last fourteen years (my time in New Zealand) I have been working hard to keep up with the increasing costs of living, there had been times when I had to work two jobs.

I'm a former small business owner and I currently serve my community as a Corrections Officer. I joined Labour to advocate for you so, your hopes and interests are my top priority. Labour has great values focused on the people, their wellbeing, quality of life and their rights of equal opportunities, fairness and decent public services.

I want to help improve Labour’s long term strategies by listening to you. I'm in it for you! Two ticks Labour!