Our Priorities

We’re securing New Zealand’s future, building on our strong economy while making real progress on long term issues like housing, child poverty and climate change.

Economic recovery

Securing our economy

The latest figures show that, thanks to our strong economic management, New Zealand continues to be in a better position than most. More people are in work and wages are growing. Exports are up, tourists are returning, and our economy is larger now than before COVID.

Now, we’re taking the next steps in our plan. We’re targeting investments to keep debt low, backing businesses to grow jobs and wages, and supporting families across the country with the cost of living. Together, these measures will provide greater economic security for New Zealanders, now and into the future.

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Child poverty

Lifting children out of poverty

Our Government was elected to turn around New Zealand’s record on child poverty. It’s a complex issue that will take time to fix, but we’re making good progress. Already, initiatives like our Families Package, historic boosts to main benefits and free lunches in schools have lifted 66,500 children out of poverty. We’re also helping more families put food on the table through increases to benefits and the minimum wage, and our cost of living package.

However, we know there’s more to do. We’re committed to continuing our progress on child poverty and inequality, so that we can make New Zealand the best place in the world to be a child.

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Tackling the housing crisis

New Zealand’s housing crisis has been decades in the making, and there’s no quick fix – but we’re making good progress.

Housing supply is ramping up, with a record number of new houses consented this year. We’re speeding up the scale and pace of house building through our $3.8 billion Housing Acceleration Fund. We’ve built more public and transitional houses than any Government in decades, and are on track to deliver 18,000 by 2024. Our free trades training and apprenticeships, which have supported more than 200,000 people into the trades so far, are ensuring we have the skilled workforce we need to get more houses built.

There’s no single answer for fixing the housing crisis, but together, the measures we’ve put in place are making a real difference.

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Climate change

Meeting the climate challenge

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time, and since coming into Government, we’ve made tackling climate change a priority. We’ve passed the landmark Zero Carbon Act, banned new offshore oil and gas exploration, worked with farmers on a world-leading agreement to reduce agricultural emissions, invested in innovative low carbon technology and more to help us meet our climate goals.

Because of this work, New Zealand is on track to bend the curve of our emissions downwards for the first time in history.

Now, we’re taking the next steps, laying the foundations for lasting action, while creating jobs and supporting our recovery. We’re supporting schools, hospitals and businesses to make the switch to cleaner energy, and investing in low carbon transport, as we move forward with our plan for New Zealand to be carbon neutral by 2050.

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Working in partnership with Māori

We’re committed to improving the intergenerational wellbeing of our whānau by working in close partnerships with Māori. Together, we’ve made changes to support our communities, including establishing the Office for Māori Crown Relations – Te Arawhiti, supporting more rangatahi into work and training, and unlocking the potential of whenua Māori.

We’re continuing this mahi as we continue with our recovery, tackling inequality through initiatives like the Māori Health Authority, partnering with iwi to accelerate housing developments and more support for Māori medium education.

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Fixing our health system

Our Government believes that every New Zealander should be able to access world-class healthcare. In 2017, we inherited a health system under serious pressure after years of neglect, and since taking office, we’ve worked hard to turn this around.

Right across the country, we’re upgrading hospitals and health centres, training more nurses and doctors, and putting in place more mental health support. We’ve boosted Pharmac’s funding so more people can access life-saving medicines, extended free GP visits to all children under 14, and reduced the cost of going to the doctor for around 600,000 New Zealanders.

There’s still more work to do, but these measures, alongside our health reforms, are making sure that New Zealand will have a health system that we can be proud of.

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