New Zealand Labour Party

Claire Mahon

Candidate for Rotorua

“I’m proud to call Rotorua home, I will be a strong local voice representing you in Jacinda Ardern’s government.”

Claire Mahon





Claire Mahon

Meet Claire

Claire Mahon is an internationally award-winning former human rights lawyer who worked for the United Nations and Amnesty International, who returned to live in Rotorua permanently in 2018. Working out of Digital Basecamp co-working space, she’s been active in the community, appointed to the boards of Kai Rotorua and Visions for a Helping Hand. She is one of the founders of Evolve Rotorua, the advocacy group launched in 2019 which focuses on “shaping the future of Rotorua”.

Claire has a strong connection to Rotorua as her family have been farming in the Rotorua district for generations, and the suburb Fordlands was named after her great-grandfather, Henry Pullar Ford, who was chairman of the Rotorua County Council for over 20 years. She hopes that in returning to live here she can continue the family legacy of contributing to the local community and helping to build a strong future for Rotorua and its residents.

Claire is a global expert on socio-economic development and justice. She has worked as an advisor to world leaders including Presidents and heads of United Nations agencies, and has run a global consulting practice for over 20 years, offering advocacy, policy and legal advice to businesses, governments, civil society, and international experts, on matters including laws and policies around housing, education, health, food and agriculture, water and sanitation, discrimination, indigenous issues, women’s and children’s rights, community-building, and business and human rights. She’s worked in the non-profit sector for organisations such as the Centre for Housing Rights and Evictions. She has worked as a law professor at some of the world’s top academic institutions, and has written books on housing, health, and food sustainability.

Claire is passionate about ensuring everyone in our community is treated fairly, and about improving local housing, schools, infrastructure, and healthcare. She is committed to being a strong advocate for Rotorua, Mamaku, Reporoa, Te Puke, and other local communities.

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