New Zealand Labour Party

Making cleaner cars a cheaper choice

Our kids can’t choose a cleaner planet. But we can choose a cleaner car.

And the Government can make that choice easier on your back pocket.

When buying a new car, choosing to buy an electric vehicle, hybrid, or fuel-efficient car is the best thing we can do for our planet. However, buying these cars often come with a bigger price tag - meaning that the choice to buy a cleaner car can feel out of reach for many Kiwis.

Choosing a car shouldn't have to be a choice between an affordable vehicle or one that's good for the planet.

That's why we're proposing two new ways to help make electric vehicles, hybrids, and fuel-efficient cars cheaper, so we can help the planet, and save our back pocket.

The Clean Car Standard and Clean Car Discount would help reduce the more than 5 million tonnes of dangerous climate pollution going into our atmosphere. They're an important step in protecting our environment and doing our bit to combat climate change.

But the benefits aren’t just limited to the environment.

These proposals will save Kiwis thousands of dollars.

Choosing to drive a clean car will be cheaper than ever before, with discounts up to $8,000 on electric vehicles, hybrids and fuel efficient cars, including many our most popular cars.

What’s more, the Clean Car Standard is expected to save Kiwis $6,800 in petrol costs!^

It will also mean more choice in cars - these changes will make importers bring in a wider range of cleaner cars so we’ll have more to choose from. That includes bringing in better options for fuel-efficient utility vehicles.

We want you to let us know what you think about these proposals. Consultation is running until August 20th, so head to the Ministry of Transport website and have your say.

^the expected average fuel savings for New Zealanders over the lifetime of their vehicle. Source: Ministry of Transport.