New Zealand Labour Party

Place in the world

Our Vision 

New Zealand prides itself as a country which thinks independently, has strong values and, notwithstanding our small size, makes a significant contribution to the world community as a good international citizen.

Our vision is for a world which is peaceful, secure, prosperous, democratic and socially just. 

We support an international system which is rules-based rather than one where countries impose their will on others by virtue of their size and power. 

We believe the path to achieve this must first and foremost be a multilateral one, working through and seeking to improve organisations such as the United Nations and World Trade Organisation.

We are committed to acting collectively to deal with problems which increasingly transcend national boundaries.


Foreign Affairs

Labour will:

  • Reaffirm our proactive and independent foreign affairs policy
  • Build on New Zealand’s specialist capability as a peace builder
  • Strengthen our links with our traditional partners while developing strategic new alliances.

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Labour will:

  • Expand our export markets through trade agreements
  • Preserve regulatory sovereignty, including the right to ban foreign buyers of NewZealand homes and farmland
  • Diversify our export base
  • Support our exporters to add value to exports.

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Overseas Development Assistance 

Labour will:

  • Ensure the central objective of the development programme is the elimination of poverty
  • Ensure the primary focus of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Pacific Division is on its development programme
  • Work cooperatively with the NGO sector (in New Zealand and overseas) and with governments in assisted countries to ensure development programmes best implement the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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Veterans' Affairs

Labour will: 

  • Ensure veterans receive the appropriate care and support
  • Review government funding relationship with RNZRSA focusing on greater certainty
  • Promote greater engagement of veterans with the community

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Labour will: 

  • Reinstate the Cabinet position of Minister of Disarmament and Arms Control
  • Work through the UN towards a world free of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction

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Labour will:

  • Ensure that the New Zealand Defence Force has the skilled and well-trained personnel and modern equipment to perform effectively
  • Undertakes missions that uphold and promote New Zealand’s values.

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Photo Credit: NASA