Foreign Affairs & Trade

With our economy growing and New Zealand exports in high demand, we’re continuing back Kiwi businesses and position New Zealand globally as a place to trade with. We’re also committed to working constructively with the global community to address challenges that transcend borders – from climate change to the Christchurch Call.

Here’s how we’re securing New Zealand’s place in the world:

Backing Kiwi exporters 

We’re supporting exporters and pursuing ambitious trade policy to help New Zealand businesses succeed overseas. We’ve upgraded our free trade agreement with China, and secured a historic free trade agreement with the United Kingdom, which sees a boost of almost $1 billion to New Zealand’s GDP and unprecedented access for our exporters. Now, as the country reconnects with the world, we’re delivering a proactive programme of trade and tourism delegations into a number of priority international markets. We’re also focused on concluding more free trade agreements, including with the European Union which has a market of more than half a billion high income consumers.

Tackling the big issues

We’re making sure our international relationships and initiatives reflect our values and priorities. We’re leading the Christchurch Call to work internationally to eliminate extremist content online, and we’ve agreed to strengthen our bilateral cooperation with the EU on emissions trading systems. We were one of the first in the world to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine, with a focus on supporting health facilities and meeting basic needs such as provision of food and hygiene items. We’re also continuing to work towards eliminating nuclear weapons, in line with our proud history of being nuclear-free.

Partnering with the Pacific

We’re committed to building deeper partnerships with Pacific nations and expanding our Pacific development programme. We’ve increased support to combat climate change in the region, through projects like a desalination plant in Kiribati, a water storage facility in Tuvalu, and renewable energy generation in Niue. In response to COVID, we’ve boosted aid to support our Pacific neighbours to help them tackle the pandemic and rebuild their economies.

Securing our place in Antarctica

We’re funding a major redevelopment of Scott Base, which will create hundreds of jobs and safeguard our presence in Antarctica. This is a win for science, ensuring our continued support for important research that will help Aotearoa and the wider world prepare for – and mitigate – the impacts of climate change.

View more key achievements

Labour is already rolling out our plan to back New Zealand exporters, boost primary sector export earnings, and ensure we have an international reputation to be proud of. That’s why we:

  • Backed New Zealand exporters during COVID, including providing on-the-ground support to help local businesses connect with overseas markets and global partners
  • Launched our Trade Recovery Strategy, to help get businesses through the disruption of COVID and recalibrate our trade policy to navigate a turbulent environment
  • Boosted aid to support our Pacific neighbours tackle COVID and rebuild their communities and economies
  • Joined the global search for COVID-19 vaccine, ensuring that all the stops are pulled out to advance discovery, development, testing and supply of a COVID-19 vaccine

Labour will continue to negotiate modern, high-quality free trade agreements, which promote adherence to environmental and labour standards, including progressing negotiations with the United Kingdom and European Union.

Labour will continue to strengthen New Zealand’s advocacy on issues such as climate change. We live in the Pacific, and with that comes a huge duty to both act, and speak on, the threat that climate change poses to our region.

Labour will progress our bold plan to boost primary sector export earnings by $44 billion over the next decade through a focus on creating value, while improving environmental outcomes.