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Hamilton is a city with so much going for it, but I believe we can make it even better.

Georgie is a union chief executive, former teacher and small business owner. She has lived in Hamilton East for almost 20 years and is bringing up her family here because she believes it's the best place for them to grow up.

Georgie's Body fit Training (BFT) was the first gym in New Zealand to become living wage accredited and as a small business owner, she knows how hard our local businesses work to create jobs and benefit our community. Georgie will be a champion for them in Parliament and work to make sure their voice is heard.

As someone who has worked as a teacher in local schools, she knows the huge difference education can make in the lives of our children. Ensuring fair and equitable access to education, health and work will be a priority for Georgie in Parliament.

Outside of politics, Georgie loves biking and tramping and visiting the many Hamilton playgrounds with her three children.

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