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Meet Greg O'Connor

I am proud to have represented Ōhāriu in a Labour-led Government since 2017. As your local voice in Government, I am focused on delivering on our promises for you and your family.

Greg has served as Ōhāriu’s local MP since 2017, and he is standing again as an electorate-only candidate to continue being your voice in Parliament.

When Greg is not in the Deputy Speaker’s chair, you’ll find him in the community at cultural, sporting and at any event where locals gather.

This community is Greg's top priority, and that is why he removed himself from the party list to run only for the Ōhāriu electorate.

Greg lives in the heart of Ōhāriu and fully understands local issues.

He spent 41 years as a Detective, including as Police Association President, advocating for Police Officers. And he proudly apply those skills in serving Ōhāriu.

Greg helped establish the Johnsonville Business Group, retain the Newlands Fire Brigade, and ensured Tawa now has a dedicated Police Constable.

Ōhāriu is Greg's key focus. He is committed to unlocking Ōhāriu’s potential and delivering the best for you and your family.

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