Māori Manifesto 2023

Labour is in it for you, and we are working hard every day to deliver better housing, health care and education for Māori throughout Aotearoa.

We are proud of what we have achieved in our six years in Government. We delivered record levels of investment for Māori across our six Budgets, more than any previous Government in history.

We made apprenticeships free, helped get rangatahi and pakeke into well-paid jobs, and helped whānau to install solar panels on their whare to keep power bills down.

Unlike National during the Global Financial Crisis, we worked hard to make sure Māori stayed in work through the economic impact of the pandemic. We succeeded, protected jobs, and Māori unemployment is now significantly lower than when National were in office.

We are proud of our Māori business owners and entrepreneurs, and under our Government the Māori economy has grown to record levels. We will continue to have their back.

We believe that providing strong and responsible leadership means listening, working together, and committing to build an enduring relationship with Māori that delivers on partnership, protection, and participation.

Labour is working for Māori, every day, but there’s more to do.

More to rebuild our health system which was blind to Māori needs.

More to support rangatahi to flourish and succeed, especially with education that works for them.

More to get our mokopuna fluent in their language, and to lead the revitalisation of Te Reo Māori.

More to keep food prices down so whanau can afford to put healthy kai on the table.

More to keep rangatahi on a path that will let them live up to their boundless potential.

Our work is not finished - join us on the next stage of our journey together.