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"I want to be a champion for my hometown, Hamilton West, and represent the people of my community to help make it the best place to grow up, grow old, open a business and raise a family."

I was born and raised in Hamilton West. All my schooling was in public schools - it was excellent! I hold a BA (Politics) and an LLB Hons from Otago, and an LLM Hons and a PhD from the University of Waikato. Almost my entire adult life has been spent learning, practicing and teaching law. I have been a lawyer, a law academic and now I serve the community in a local government role.

Why me? I have deep roots in Hamilton West. I was born and raised here. I live here. This is my community.

I’ve always voted Labour – I’ve never voted or stood for any other party. I want to represent the people of my community in Parliament. I totally believe in the Labour Party, its values, what it has achieved in the past, and what it can offer New Zealanders for the future.

I want to help Labour win in 2023 to achieve a better, safer, fairer, more economically secure, and more equitable, New Zealand. When Labour is in power, everyone does better. 

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