Release: No cost of living support, no vision in first 100 days

Kiwis are still waiting for their promised cost of living support after 100 days of a National Government that is taking us backwards, Labour Leader Chris Hipkins said today.

“The National Party campaigned on helping people with the cost of living, but in their first 100 days we’ve seen not one policy that will actually do that,” Chris Hipkins said.

“Instead, licencing a car is set to get $50 more expensive, ratepayers are going to have to stump up thousands across the country for water infrastructure in the longer term and it’s likely Aucklanders are going to pay more, not less, now that Auckland Council has a funding shortfall for transport projects.

“Instead of helping families with costs like early childhood education or public transport fares, we’ve seen them prioritise tax cuts for mega landlords and make life even more expensive.

“They’ve made questionable choices, like reversing the country’s smokefree laws – a win for the tobacco lobby at the expense of lives and billions in healthcare costs. They’ve repealed the Māori Health Authority despite overwhelming evidence that Māori die younger and have worse health outcomes, and they got rid of Fair Pay Agreements which means wages won’t grow to meet rising costs. 

“Possibly worst of all, there is absolutely no vision to tackle the big issues this country is facing in infrastructure, climate change or housing.

“This National Government’s priorities are backwards. But with a leader that doesn’t see the problem with taking $1000 a week he doesn’t need, while telling others to make cuts and save money – it’s clear these decisions are coming from the top.

“By contrast, in Labour’s first 100 days in 2017-18 we put more money in people’s pockets with the Families Package and a boost to the minimum wage. In the first year alone, more than 300,000 families were better off by $55 each week and over 160,000 workers benefited from a wage increase.

“We made homes healthier, extended paid parental leave and kicked off six years of climate action with a zero-carbon emissions goal.  

“While we got serious about tackling child poverty so kids could have a better start in life, National has made it harder for households to get by.  

“The first 100 days are supposed to show vision for New Zealand. Instead of back on track, it feels like we’re stuck in reverse,” Chris Hipkins said.

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