Chris and the team are In It For You

Chris Hipkins has kicked off the Labour Party’s re-election campaign with the launch of the slogan, In It For You, and billboards going up around the country.

On Sunday, Chris said:

While I’ve only been in the job six months, I hope New Zealanders know I’m in it for them and I understand the challenges they’re facing. 

To fix the problems households are experiencing you have to understand them. My upbringing in the Hutt grounded me in the reality of working families with big aspirations and it’s those values that drive me every day.

In this election I’ll be asking New Zealanders for a full term and my own mandate to deliver the change they want to see.

I'm in politics to make a difference. This election isn’t about what’s best for me but what’s best for the country.

When I took over as leader I said I wanted to get back to the bread and butter issues facing households. This election will be the first chance for me to fully set out my own agenda for a better future.

Labour will be running a positive, forward-looking campaign that's focused on cutting inflation, bringing down the cost of living, keeping people and communities safe and investing in education, health and housing.

You got a taste of my approach in the budget with free prescriptions, cheaper public transport, more access to free ECE. Practical policies that help to bring down costs for families without driving up inflation.

Labour’s upcoming campaign platform will continue this approach, with new policies that will tackle the bread and butter issues and help unlock our massive potential as a nation, while keeping a lid on inflation.

In this election Kiwis will have a real choice. Christopher Luxon’s unaffordable tax cuts for the rich will make inflation worse and drive up the cost of living.

When health and education are crying out for more resources it’s so out of touch to be prioritising big tax cuts for millionaires and CEOs like Christopher Luxon is proposing. It’s a huge risk.

I acknowledge the past few years have been tough and not everything has been delivered perfectly. But a radical upheaval in direction would make things so much worse.

When times are tough, Kiwis need a Government that provides stability and certainty, one that's on their side and in it for them – that’s what Labour and I offer.

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