Release: National in meltdown as Winston gamble backfires

National's campaign is in meltdown as their tax scam is exposed and their Winston Peters gamble has backfired.

"They have introduced chaos into the last week of the campaign by saying they could force a second election rather than work with New Zealand First - after saying for weeks they would work with New Zealand First,” Grant Robertson said.

“This has exposed a serious lack of judgement from Christopher Luxon and we've seen in the last 24 hours how chaotic a government he leads would be.

"A second election or a chaotic government relying on Winston Peters would be another knock to our economy just when it's turning a corner and inflation is coming down.

"This comes just days after National's tax scam was exposed. It's the sign of a campaign coming off the rails.

"Christopher Luxon had the chance to rule out Winston Peters and avoid all this months ago. Chris Hipkins had the judgment to do so. Christopher Luxon didn’t. This just shows the risk of Christopher Luxon's inexperience.

"It's clear that if he wins, New Zealand will lose.

“Only a party vote for Labour will keep New Zealand moving forward, and deliver the stable Government we need," said Grant Robertson.

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