Release: National Tax Scam revealed: 99 percent of kiwi households won’t get $250 per fortnight

National Tax Scam revealed: 99 percent of kiwi households won’t get $250 per fortnight. 

“99 percent of Kiwi households won’t get $250 a fortnight despite National’s publicity materials claiming that is what “an average-income family with children” would receive – that’s a lie,” Grant Robertson said.

“There are 1.6 million households in New Zealand. Only 0.18 percent of them will get the $250 that National’s promotional materials claim an “average family” will get.

“National have been scamming New Zealanders about their number one policy in this election and they’re now exposed.

“Christopher Luxon will say anything to get elected and that includes misleading New Zealanders about the size of their tax cuts.

“The reality is for many New Zealanders they get very little under National and the cost to the country is huge.

“This latest scam is in addition to the $2 billion foreign buyers hole, cuts to public services, increased unemployment and higher rates and water bills. Nothing about National’s tax scam adds up.

“It is unprecedented for a major party’s flagship policy to have been so thoroughly discredited in an election campaign.

“Christopher Luxon can’t chopper in John Key to try to sort this shambles out.

“With 10 days until polling closes New Zealanders need to take a closer look at National’s tax scam. It’s a house of cards that is rapidly collapsing.

“The sad thing is that some New Zealanders may have already voted after being tricked into believing National’s lie.

“One thing is clear in this election. If National win, New Zealanders lose,” Grant Robertson said.

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