Release: Every ratepayer to pay more under National’s plan for water services

It is now certain that New Zealand ratepayers will pay higher rates with the Government confirming it has no plan to help councils deal with ageing water infrastructure, Local Government spokesperson Kieran McAnulty said. 

“The Government’s confirmation today it will repeal the affordable water reforms will see higher rates for every ratepayer – up to 90 percent in some individual councils – in 30 years,” Kieran McAnulty said.

“The cost of fixing our broken water infrastructure is estimated at $185 billion over just three decades. It is simply irresponsible of National to ignore the problem.

"They've also ignored departmental advice that balance sheet separation is essential and despite promising during the campaign that they'd be able to deliver it, National have today proven what we've been saying all along: that they don't get it and they have no plan. 

“Instead of helping councils deal with water infrastructure, they’re kicking it back on residents and homeowners and washing their hands of a problem that needs a long-term solution.

“Councils can’t do this by themselves, but this is exactly where the Government has left them – without any support.

“The current law would save households thousands each year, and National have yet again shown they don’t have any plan at all to ensure Kiwis have safe and affordable water in the long term. 

“At a time where families are already feeling a lot of pressure with the cost of living, this is going to be a kick in the guts,” Kieran McAnulty said. 

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