Release: Member’s Bill to support path to pay transparency

A bill with a simple focus of allowing conversations about pay has been drawn from the Member’s Ballot.

The Employment Relations (Employee Remuneration Disclosure) Amendment Bill allows employees to talk about their pay without fear of retaliation by their employer.

“I am proud of being part of a Labour Party that cares about closing the gender and ethnic pay gap and supports tangible steps to improve it,” workplace relations and safety spokesperson Camilla Belich said.

“People often don't know if they can talk about their salary, or if they should. This Bill allows them to do that if they wish without fear.

“Some contracts include provisions that allow employers to take action if pay details are shared, and even in workplaces that don’t have these provisions the topic is often taboo.

“Being secretive about pay fuels gender and ethnic pay gaps and can lead to discrimination. It is often said sunlight is the best disinfectant and this Bill will help to promote transparency and fairness in pay.

“The idea for the Bill came during the select committee briefing on pay transparency conducted by the Education and Workforce Committee in the last Parliament, under a Government that was committed to making changes in this area. If passed, this Bill would assist in making sure information was available to challenge pay discrimination.

“I call on all parties to support this change, which takes a step in the right direction towards the ultimate goal of closing pay gaps,” Camilla Belich said.

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