Supporting more Kiwis into jobs

We’re helping more Kiwis into work, to help support whānau, grow our skilled workforce and secure our economy for future generations.

During our time in Government, we’ve delivered record low unemployment rates, as well as a steady fall in the number of New Zealanders receiving a main benefit, and we’re continuing to support people into jobs.

Here's how:


How it works: Flexi-wage is a wage subsidy programme, linking people who are at risk of long term unemployment with employers looking for workers. Employers receive a subsidy to hire people who may require extra training, who face barriers to work, or whose current job is at risk. It’s flexible, so businesses receive a subsidy based on the needs of the person being employed.

How it’s going: The success of Flexi-Wage has continued with over 20,000 New Zealanders now supported into jobs. 

Mana in Mahi

How it works: Mana in Mahi opens up work opportunities for people who need a little extra support to start their career. Employers get financial support to help with wages and additional training, while workers get real-world experience and skills.

How it’s going: Mana in Mahi has already made a big difference, helping more than 5,000 Kiwis into work in just four years. 

He Poutama Rangatahi

How it works: He Poutama Rangatahi funds community programmes that provide intensive support and tools to help young people who are most at risk of long term unemployment to gain skills and transition into work.

How it’s going: Since 2018, more than 3,860 young people have moved into employment, education or training through He Poutama Rangatahi.

Free trades training and apprenticeships

How it works: Free trades training and apprenticeships supports people into a trades career by covering the fees for apprenticeships, and vocational education and training in key shortage areas. This enables people to retrain or gain new skills, for free, in industries in high demand.

How it’s going: Since 2020, this scheme has helped more than 200,000 Kiwis into training or apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship Boost

How it works: Apprenticeship Boost is a payment to employers, supporting them to keep on and hire early-stage apprentices. The payment covers the first two years of an apprentice’s training.

How it’s going: Since August 2020, we’ve supported 50,000 apprentices through their training, and there are currently more than 18,000 employers registered in the programme.

Jobs for Nature

How it works: Jobs for Nature funds projects that create nature-based work opportunities for New Zealanders. It’s a win-win: the programme supports people into work and funds vital conservation work.

How it’s going: In June 2022, more than 9,200 people had worked in a Jobs for Nature funded project, with 421 projects approved through the programme.

Training Incentive Allowance

How it works: The Training Incentive Allowance helps with upfront and ongoing study costs like textbooks, transport and childcare, removing barriers for, single parents, carers and disabled people so they can earn qualifications and kick-start their career.

How it’s going: We reinstated the Training Incentive Allowance for higher level study, and more than 4,840 people have been supported with the allowance this year.

These initiatives just some of the ways we’re helping more Kiwis into mahi. There’s more to do, but we’ll keep working hard to support New Zealanders into jobs, as we grow our skilled workforce and secure a strong economy, for now and into the future.

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