Move the Bromley compost plant

Bromley has faced odour problems for a long time now caused by the organics processing plant on Metro Place. When I’m out and about in Woolston or Bromley, it comes up every time: unpleasant smells mean having windows open, drying laundry on line, or just enjoying the garden isn’t possible. Residents feel they are locked in their own homes.

The community has been working hard for years to get the City Council to notice this problem and take steps to fix it.

Finally, the Christchurch City Council has been told by ECan to resolve this issue by stopping the compost plat from emitting offensive odours. To do this, they went out to tender on a plan to redevelop the Bromley compost plant to eliminate the odour problem we all know exists in Bromley and Woolston. The community had real concern that this plan would not succeed in eliminating odours.

The Council is now investigating moving the plant – this is great news. Moving the plant is the right thing to do, and when the results of their investigation come back, that’s what should happen.

To help make the community’s view clear to the Council, I’m asking residents to sign this petition in time for their decision on the future of the plant on April 28th.

Sign this petition

The Bromley community calls on the Christchurch City Council to move the Living Earth compost plant.