Help us protect sexual education resources in schools

The Government has indicated it wants to remove sexual education resources and guidelines from schools and kura. This move will be a damaging step backwards for so many young people.

These education resources were created to answer the call of teachers and communities for more action against bullying, violence and child abuse.

Not only do they teach our rangatahi about consent, healthy relationships and digital safety, they create a space for meaningful discussions around sexuality and gender.

Now, the Government wants to take the axe to them – a move that will cause harm to our young people for years to come.

In Government, Labour worked hard to remove barriers so that all children could feel safe and learn well at school, while creating a more accepting Aotearoa.

Our schools should be inclusive and safe places for all our students whatever their gender, race, nationality, beliefs, or sexual orientation.

Removing important education resources, that are recommended by schools, teachers and experts, is not the way forward. 

We need your voice. Together, we can send a clear message to the Government.

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Protect sexual education resources and guidelines in schools.