Labour believes that all Kiwis, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or sex characteristics have the right to safety, dignity and to live free from discrimination.

From Homosexual Law Reform to civil unions and marriage equality, Labour has stood with our Rainbow communities and fought for equity and justice. We will continue to do this, creating a more inclusive New Zealand.

Labour’s 2020 campaign policies

Labour will:

  • Ban conversion therapy
    We will make practising, performing or enabling conversion therapy a crime to prevent this outdated and harmful practice from occurring in New Zealand
  • Provide better access, support and treatment through our health system
    This includes ensuring our healthcare system is responsive to the needs of trans, intersex and gender diverse people, and developing a rights based protocol to prevent unnecessary medical interventions on intersex children
  • Improve the wellbeing of the Rainbow community, including more funding for mental health services
    We will target $4 million of mental health funding for the Rainbow community, continue implementing the Suicide Prevention Strategy and continue our work to address homelessness including Rainbow homelessness
  • Create more inclusive school and work environments
    We will ensure schools apply guidance to create safe and inclusive school environments for all students, work with schools on providing gender neutral bathrooms and update New Zealand’s workplace gender and sexual diversity standards
  • Reduce discrimination and ensure equal rights for the Rainbow community
    This will include a review of adoption and surrogacy policies and laws and a review of the Human Rights Act 1993 to ensure discrimination on the grounds of gender identity is explicitly prohibited

Labour’s achievements to date

Labour has a proud history supporting the rights of the Rainbow community. Through the Homosexual Law Reform Act, Civil Union Act, and the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Act, Labour has championed significant legislative advances for Rainbow New Zealanders.

In Government we’re continuing to take steps to advance the rights of Rainbow Kiwis. In our first term, Labour has already:

  • Implemented the homosexual convictions expungement scheme and wiped unjust historical convictions
  • Started the Rainbow Wellbeing Legacy Fund to provide financial support to organisations that improve mental health and wellbeing in Rainbow communities
  • Put an extra $2.992 million towards the gender affirming genital surgery service
  • Lifted the cap on gender affirming genital surgeries to ensure our health system better meets the needs of transgender New Zealanders
  • Put an additional $300,000 towards research for HIV and STI prevention services
  • Committed to include sexual orientation and gender identity questions in Census 2023
  • Provided the largest ever single investment in mental health and addiction services, and as part of this boosted investments into Rainbow mental health services.

Going forward, we will continue to build on the progress we’ve made for Rainbow communities. With Labour in Government in 2020, New Zealand could see the most Rainbow parliament in the world, and Labour’s Rainbow caucus will continue to advocate and make real change for the community.