National’s plan desperate and reckless

National’s policy announcement today confirms how desperate and irresponsible they are when it comes to the economy, Labour Finance Spokesperson Grant Robertson says.

“Judith Collins’ unaffordable plan will lead to harsh cuts to public services in the middle of a global pandemic when we need a well-resourced health system more than ever.

“New Zealanders need a stable and prudent path to COVID economic recovery but Judith Collins and Paul Goldsmith are putting the economic future of this country at risk with a series of ill-thought out and desperate policies,” Grant Robertson said.

“Once again the new National Party leadership prove they have left behind the considered and moderate approach that John Key and Bill English took to the economy.

“It beggars belief that in the middle of a pandemic the National Party is planning to gut the money set aside to protect New Zealanders in case of another major outbreak of COVID-19.

“We carefully put aside $14 billion to look after New Zealanders’ health and wellbeing and now National wants to put that at risk. This policy reeks of desperation as National races to borrow money to pay for a $4000 temporary tax cut for Judith Collins.

“National has also changed tack again on debt and taxes in this announcement. They now have as many positions on the economy as they do on the border. After three different leaders since the COVID crisis began, National, backed by a radical ACT party, are a risky alternative.

“National’s announcement today is more about stimulating their dreadful poll numbers than stimulating the economy. What New Zealanders need now is Labour’s clear and consistent plan to get the economy through this 1-in-100 year shock and invest in the rebuild.”