Release: Labour sets sights on 2026

This year is about getting real with Kiwis and discussing the tough issues, as the National Government exacerbates inequality and divides New Zealand, Labour Leader Chris Hipkins said

The Labour Party Caucus had its away day at Brackenridge in Wairarapa during the first Parliament adjournment of the year to take stock of the campaign result and reflect on the Coalition’s abysmal first 100 days.

“It’s not easy losing an election and Labour has work to do to get back to where we want to be as a party,” Chris Hipkins said.

“Despite that, our Caucus is united, together, and will be working hard to build a policy platform Kiwis want to see. All ideas are on the table as we explore a new era for Labour.

“This Labour team is one I am honoured and excited to lead. At the end of this month, I plan to make a speech to Labour members that outlines my values and why Labour will govern for all.

“Between May and June I will attend every Labour Party regional conference to hear ideas, engage with our members and partake in the policy process in the lead up to our Annual Conference later this year. We will not be making major policy announcements until we have heard from members and the public. 

“Our current focus is on building strong policy foundations and getting work underway. It’s not a process we plan to rush, rather one we want to get right.  

“This process will ensure we are doing what New Zealanders’ want, because what we are seeing right now from National is a government with everyday Kiwis at the bottom of their priority list.

“Labour’s Caucus retreat comes off the back of the Government’s first 100 days. We’ve been waiting to hear their plan. Waiting to see if they have a vision for New Zealand. Now we know for certain that they are not governing for all New Zealanders, but for themselves. 

“We’ll be making it very clear over the next two-and-a-half years that the only party with a vision for New Zealand is Labour,” Chris Hipkins said.

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