1 April changes for seniors

Our 1 April changes will see New Zealanders on Superannuation receive a bit more in their pocket to help with the cost of living.

Superannuation boost of $66.86 a fortnight for single people and $102.84 for couples

People on Superannuation will receive an inflation increase of 7.22% from 1 April. This will see a couple who are both aged over 65 receive $102.84 more in total a fortnight and a single person living alone receive an extra $66.86 each payment. 

This Superannuation increase is part of a suite of changes coming into force on 1 April that will see more than a million New Zealanders receive a bit more in their pocket to help with the cost of living. On top of this, from 1 May, the Winter Energy Payment will kick in again, providing help with heating costs through the colder months. A single person will receive more than $80 a month and couples will receive more than $125 per month.

In a global cost of living crisis every bit counts when making ends meet. While there’s no easy fix, we’re taking a range of actions to ease the pressure – and our 1 April changes are the next step.

Our 1 April package

Measures like these sit alongside a range of programmes that support older New Zealanders.

We’ve made doctors’ visits cheaper for hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders. We resumed contributions to the New Zealand Super Fund, and we’re keeping the age of eligibility at 65. We’ve taken steps to improve the health system and cancer care, including through record investments in Pharmac’s medicines budget. We’ve also upgraded the Super Gold card, appointed New Zealand’s first ever Aged Care Commissioner, and our Better Life Action Plan is ensuring Kiwis lead valued, connected and fulfilling lives as they age.

You can learn more about how the 1 April changes will help New Zealanders with the cost of living, here.