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Tangi Utikere

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Driven by my values of social justice, inclusiveness and fairness, it’s been a privilege to serve our Palmerston North community in Parliament.

Kia orana! Local voice and experience mattered to me as our city’s Deputy Mayor and it matters to me as our local MP.

Winnings for Palmy

I successfully advocated for stronger and more frequent rail connections through to Wellington, including for our beloved ‘Capital Connection’ service. I am hugely proud of the fact that for the first time in decades, public housing and government investment is being made in Palmerston North, delivering more state homes for local families.

I have always been happy to stand on my track record, and for me, this election is no different. I seek your support, to continue the work I have started, to provide a fresh, strong and effective voice for Palmerston North in a Labour-led Government.

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