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Tātau Katoa, Ka Toa Tātau – All of us together, we all succeed

Toni, currently serving as a Councillor on the Whakatane District Council, has dedicated her efforts to advocating for improved representation and housing for Māori. She has actively contributed to the Tāneatua Community Board and Te Tohu atu Ora o Ngāti Awa.

One significant contribution made by Boynton was her involvement in a petition presented to Parliament. This petition garnered over 11,000 signatures and called for a fairer establishment of Māori wards. This initiative played a crucial role in the recent changes that resulted in the election of 66 rangatira to Māori wards and constituencies, including Toni herself.

Expressing her gratitude, Toni remarks, “I am deeply honored and privileged to have been chosen as the candidate for the Waiariki seat under the Labour party. My primary focus is Māori representation and ensuring that the progress achieved by Labour for Māori is secured.”

She further emphasizes the tremendous support Māori communities have received under the leadership of a Labour government over the past six years. Toni points to the notable developments in marae and land as evidence that what benefits Māori ultimately benefits all New Zealanders.

Toni sees this transition as a significant step toward achieving equality for Māori, aligning it with the legacy left by her great-great-grandfather, Rua Kenana.

“I will be a steadfast advocate for the people of Waiariki, ensuring that their needs and concerns take center stage in Parliament, amplifying their voices with strength and determination.”

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