Experts say that National’s tax policy doesn’t add up. But the money has to come from somewhere. That will mean deep cuts to critical services you and your family rely on.

National are on the record proposing to:

  • Cut entitlement to superannuation by raising the age to 67 1
  • Cut $6 billion from the public services Kiwis rely on 2
  • Cut the foreign buyer ban and allow foreigners to buy 1000s of Kiwi homes 3
  • Cut 20 hours free Early Childhood Education for 2-year-olds 4
  • Cut free prescriptions, making medicine and contraception more expensive for many 5
  • Cut free and half-price public transport for young people 6

Don’t put it all at risk. Only your vote can stop National’s cuts before they start.

Chris Hipkins and Labour are focused on you – and your priorities.

Making life more affordable. Growing a strong economy. Creating well paid jobs. Building up health, housing and education. Keeping communities safe.

Those are our priorities. And we’re going to keep making progress on them – for you, for your family, and for all New Zealanders.

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1 Source; 2 Page 22 of National Party Tax Policy 30 August; 3 Source; 4 Page 18 of National Party Tax Policy 30 August; 5 Source; 6 Page 18 of National Party Tax Policy 30 August