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Global milk prices now lowest in 6 years

The latest fall in the global dairy price has brought it to the lowest level in six years and shows there must be meaningful action in tomorrow’s Budget to diversify the economy, says Labour’s Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson.

“Dairy prices are the lowest since August 2009 and have more than halved since its February 2014 peak.

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Vital support services can’t be left in lurch

The National Government has big questions to answer about how a provider of services to thousands of vulnerable New Zealanders is set to fold, Labour’s Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson says.

Relationships Aotearoa which provides support and counselling to families, individuals and survivors of domestic violence is set to shut its doors, minus any last minute intervention.

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Speech to the Otago Chamber of Commerce

Thank you very much for the opportunity to be here today. It’s a pleasure as always to be back in the town that raised me.

Growing up in St Kilda meant that there was one thing that was a big part of my life- the beach.  I was never much of a surfer myself, but there were plenty around me who were.   I didn't need the Met Service to tell me when there was an off-shore southerly.  I just had to look around the empty seats during some afternoon classes.  Surfing was a way of life for a lot of my classmates.

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Key can’t just be Prime Minister for Parnell

John Key must show New Zealanders in next week’s Budget that he is more than the Prime Minister for Parnell, and is also the Prime Minister for Pine Hill, Putararu and Palmerston North, Labour’s Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson says.

In a pre-Budget speech to the Otago Chamber of Commerce today, Grant Robertson said too many New Zealanders feel they are missing out on the recovery.

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Reserve Bank action shows Govt out of touch and out of ideas

The Reserve Bank’s unprecedented measures today show it understands the serious risks of the overheating housing market – in complete contrast to John Key’s refusal to acknowledge the crisis, Labour’s Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson says.

“The Bank is right to take action to curb speculation but the Government’s refusal to tackle foreign speculators gives them a free hand.

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Govt books confirm National can’t post surplus

The last publication of the Government’s books before the budget shows National will break its promise of seven years and two election campaigns and fail to get the books in order, says Labour’s Finance Spokesperson Grant Robertson.

“The Government is set to fail its own test and miss surplus for 2014/15 - a target it staked its economic credibility on.

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Mega million waste of taxpayer cash

The Government has once again demonstrated reckless economic management by ignoring official advice not to push ahead with controversial changes to the child support system, Labour Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson says.

“Treasury initially raised concerns in 2011, warning that Inland Revenue’s original $34 million cost estimate was low. They again raised concerns about the costings for the project in 2012. By February of 2014 Treasury, the State Services Commission and the Government Chief Information Officer all called for the project to be abandoned.

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Food move forced on DHBs

Southern DHB’s decision to outsource its food services and lay off staff  was forced on it by the Government’s drive to screw down costs, Labour’s Dunedin MPs David Clark and Clare Curran say.

“The DHB has been pushed into a corner by the Government,” David Clark says. “They were damned if they didn’t accept the proposal – they would have had to stump up for a business case to keep the service in house – and damned if they did, with around 20 per cent of kitchen staff expected to lose their jobs.

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Bad news will hit West Coast communities hard

The Buller community will be relieved that the Stockton Mine will continue to be operated by Solid Energy following today’s restructuring announcement, Labour’s MP for West Coast-Tasman Damien O’Connor says.

“My thoughts go out to the 113 miners who will lose their jobs.

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